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The Quiett - Rockin With The Best (With Dok2 & Beenzino)


u now rockin wit the best
get money no rest
it’s 1llionaire babe
from the east to the west
check it out yall
u now rockin wit the best babe
u now rockin wit the best babe

Man I don’t give a fuck, you know what time it is right now
Look at the parking lot and see who’s here
Some kids are starting to foam at the mouth
The richest rap motherfuckers up in this
Zeeno’s Audi, Dok2’s Rolls Royce
I’m in a Bentley, we’re driving our dream cars
I’ll be the one who makes money so you can just play
We the true playas, you’re just ball boys
Some bastards say
“Oh shit, even this can succeed?”
Motherfuckers, you’re amazed at just this much?
If you started it, you gotta finish
10ks on my outfit
21 inch wheels
illionaire we poppin’
realize who you rockin’ wit

I’m different from you all
I don’t wanna be the best
I don’t wanna be the rest
I just wanna be just one
And if her name is Hana
I’m gonna be one with her tonight
I’mma fuck her so good
I’m always ready with things that no other bastard has tried before
I performed 2 weeks ago
Shit was so turnt up as fuck
No matter how expensive my concert tickets are
I believed in my fans
One kid told me, hyung you’re so cool
I wanna be like you hyung
I have one tip for him
Then do it like the only one

A 69 pyeong bathtub, four cars in the garage
Ghost Lambo G S500, all foreign
Whatever I do, it’s a hit
I’m my own CEO, don’t get a single cent taken away
Everyone’s fast asleep, go home and sleep
I don’t go to bars so you go
See if you’ll do well if all you do is talk smack behind people’s backs
Don’t tell me what to do, do your own thing first
Fresh king prawns and steaks for my dinner
My bank account got six figures
I used to make hundreds of thousands a year but now I make it in a month
If ur broke motha fucka i aint fuckin with ya
I L L I O, nothing more to say, everyone knows
I’m on fire, straight up the top floor
This isn’t even close to enough, let’s cop more

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