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Lee Hae Ri - We Are (우린)


끝난 것 같아
겨우겨우 이어오던
가는 실낱같던 그대 맘이
어떤 말 하지 않아도
알 수 있어요 이별이라고
끝인 것 같아
내가 가까스로 잡고 있던
그대 옷자락 놓아줄게요
억지로 잡고 있다고
함께 할 수 있는 게 아니었나 봐
미안해는 말아요 행복했던
기억만 남아있으니까
내 걱정 조금은 해줘요
그 기억 때문에
또 힘들어할 나니까
이제 정말 끝인가요
나만 끝나면 되나요 우린
늦은 것 같아
말해주지 못하고 담아둔
말들을 꺼내보지만
참고 또 참아버려서 구겨지고
다 망가져 해줄 수가 없잖아
내 소중한 그대여
나보다 그댈 더 사랑할
사람은 없을 거야
그대가 나보다
더 사랑할 사람을 만나
지금보다 더 많이 웃어요
이젠 정말 끝이네요
나만 끝나면 됐네요 안녕
꼭 행복해요
그거면 돼요
하고 싶은 말이 너무 많지만
어떤 말 하지 않아도
알 거예요 사랑이라고


kkeutnan geot gata
gyeougyeou ieoodeon
ganeun silnatgatdeon geudae mami
eotteon mal haji anhado
al su isseoyo ibyeorirago
kkeutin geot gata
naega gakkaseuro japgo issdeon
geudae osjarak nohajulgeyo
eokjiro japgo issdago
hamkke hal su issneun ge anieossna bwa
mianhaeneun marayo haengbokhaessdeon
gieokman namaisseunikka
nae geokjeong jogeumeun haejwoyo
geu gieok ttaemune
tto himdeureohal nanikka
ije jeongmal kkeutingayo
naman kkeutnamyeon doenayo urin
neujeun geot gata
malhaejuji moshago damadun
maldeureul kkeonaebojiman
chamgo tto chamabeoryeoseo gugyeojigo
da manggajyeo haejul suga eopsjanha
nae sojunghan geudaeyeo
naboda geudael deo saranghal
sarameun eopseul geoya
geudaega naboda
deo saranghal sarameul manna
jigeumboda deo manhi useoyo
ijen jeongmal kkeutineyo
naman kkeutnamyeon dwaessneyo annyeong
kkok haengbokhaeyo
geugeomyeon dwaeyo
hago sipeun mari neomu manhjiman
eotteon mal haji anhado
al geoyeyo sarangirago


I think it’s over
Your thread-like heart
That I barely kept going
Even though you’re not saying anything
I know that this is it

I think it’s over
I’ll let go of your clothes
That I was holding close to me
I guess you can’t be together
Just because you’re forcefully holding on

Don’t be sorry
Because I only have happy memories
Please worry about me just a little
Because I will be struggling with the memories of you
Is it really over now?
Am I the only one left to end this for us?

I think it’s too late
I couldn’t tell you what I wanted to say
So I took those words out
But they are all crumpled up because I kept it inside for so long
It’s all ruined so I can’t say it

My precious dear
There won’t be another person who will love you more
I hope you meet someone who you will love more than you loved me
I hope you’ll smile a lot more than now
It’s really over now
I’m the only one left to end this

Please be happy
That’s all I want
There’s so much I want to say but
Even though I won’t say anything
You will know that this was love

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