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Kim Kyu-jong (SS501) - 봄 TO 겨울


눈이 부시도록 예뻤어
그의 맘 훔칠 만큼
확신에 찬 멋진 그 애도
빛나 보였어

고민됐던 밤들
소란스러운 마음 다 정리하고
잘 된 일이라 어른스러운 척
거짓말을 했어

향기 가득 꽃이 피는 봄에도
태양 아래 뜨거웠던 여름도
푸르던 잎 우수수 떨어지는 가을도
눈꽃이 피는 겨울도
내겐 사계절이 온통 너라서

누군가는 네 옆을 지켜야
마음이 놓일 거라
생각했던 때도 있었지
마음에도 없는

밤하늘 수놓는 반짝이는 별
집에 가는 골목 새벽 공기마저
네가 떠오르지 않을 이유 전혀 없잖아
온통 너로 가득한데

모든 것이 제자리로
난 너의 품을 꿈꾼다
눈부셨던 너와 나
그때로 시간을 거슬러

보석같이 반짝이던 그때를
떠올리면 뭉클하고
소리 들릴 만큼 가슴 뛴단 걸


nuni busidorok yeppeosseo
geuui mam humchil mankeum
hwaksine chan meosjin geu aedo
biccna boyeosseo

gomindwaessdeon bamdeul
soranseureoun maeum da jeongrihago
jal doen irira eoreunseureoun cheok
geojismareul haesseo

hyanggi gadeuk kkocci pineun bomedo
taeyang arae tteugeowossdeon yeoreumdo
pureudeon ip ususu tteoreojineun gaeuldo
nunkkocci pineun gyeouldo
naegen sagyejeori ontong neoraseo

nugunganeun ne yeopeul jikyeoya
maeumi nohil geora
saenggakhaessdeon ttaedo isseossji
maeumedo eopsneun

bamhaneul sunohneun banjjagineun byeol
jibe ganeun golmok saebyeok gonggimajeo
nega tteooreuji anheul iyu jeonhyeo eopsjanha
ontong neoro gadeukhande

modeun geosi jejariro
nan neoui pumeul kkumkkunda
nunbusyeossdeon neowa na
geuttaero siganeul geoseulleo

boseokgati banjjagideon geuttaereul
tteoollimyeon mungkeulhago
sori deullil mankeum gaseum ttwindan geol


You were so pretty that you dazzled
So much that you stole his heart
He was sure of it, he was cool too
He shined too

Nights of worrying
Messy feelings, I cleaned them all out
I said it was for the better
Acting like an adult
As I lied

In spring when the scented flowers bloom
In summer, hot under the sun
In fall, where green leaves start to fall
In winter when the snowflakes blossom
To me, all four seasons is you

There was a time when I thought
I would feel better
If there was someone to protect you
Even though I didn’t mean it

Twinkling stars in the night sky
Even the late night air on my way back home
There’s no reason for me not to think of you
I’m so filled with you

Everything goes back in place, I’m dreaming of being in your arms
I’m turning time back to the dazzling days of you and me

Times that sparkled like gems
I get teary when I think of them
And my heart beats so loud I can hear it

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