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TO1 (티오원) - Reborn (Intro.)


되돌아봤을 때 후회 따윈 없게
진화는 계속돼 발걸음을 재촉해
멈춰 도태 따윈 없게

두 팔이 닿는 대로 뻗어 가 처음 그때로
이제는 못 간대도 믿음을 난 방패로
이 길을 열어 두려움은 없어
Do or die 순간을 찰칵
There’s no rule
그래 한계는 없으니까

천천히 발을 떼
저 막이 오를 때 Yeah
전율 속에 나를 던져
Zero to the 백 더 Faster

태어나 Once again
네가 날 부를 때 Yeah
하나가 돼 써내려 갈
Story를 시작해

다시 새롭게 내가 Reborn
마침내 열려 더 밝은 세계
내게 희망을 속삭여

Zero to one
We’re reborn

지금 이 순간 바뀌어
Now we on a new page
원한다면 모두 보여줄게 Hey
Together as one


doedorabwasseul ttae huhoe ttawin eopsge
jinhwaneun gyesokdwae balgeoreumeul jaechokhae
meomchwo dotae ttawin eopsge

du pari dahneun daero ppeodeo ga cheoeum geuttaero
ijeneun mot gandaedo mideumeul nan bangpaero
i gireul yeoreo duryeoumeun eopseo
Do or die sunganeul chalkak
There’s no rule
geurae hangyeneun eopseunikka

cheoncheonhi bareul tte
jeo magi oreul ttae Yeah
jeonyul soge nareul deonjyeo
Zero to the baek deo Faster

taeeona Once again
nega nal bureul ttae Yeah
hanaga dwae sseonaeryeo gal
Storyreul sijakhae

dasi saeropge naega Reborn
machimnae yeollyeo deo balkeun segye
naege huimangeul soksagyeo

Zero to one
We’re reborn

jigeum i sungan bakkwieo
Now we on a new page
wonhandamyeon modu boyeojulge Hey
Together as one


When I look back, I have no regrets
Evolution continues, rushing to step
Stop, no choice

Stretch as far as your arms reach
Even if I can’t go now, I have faith as a shield
Open this road, no fear
Do or die, click the moment
There’s no rule
Yes, because there is no limit

Take your feet off slowly
When that curtain rises Yeah
Throw me in the thrill
Zero to the back the Faster

Born once again
When you call me yeah
Become one and write it down
Start the story

New again, I'm Reborn
A brighter world is finally open
Whisper hope to me

Zero to one
We’re reborn

It changes at this moment
Now we on a new page
If you want, I'll show you everything hey
Together as one

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