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Woo Won Jae (우원재) - I Love You


그대 어디서 오셨나요
그 옷은 어디서 구했나요
오늘 날씨가 거셌나요
거참 나쁜 사람 아니니까
여기 노래가 어떤가요
이거 제 노래라니까요
겉보긴 좀 그래도 이봐요
저 이래 봬도 딴에
예술가라 한다니까요
그래서 혼자서 오셨나요
술은 어떤 걸 좋아하나요
혹시 책에 관심 있나요
아 제가 말이 너무 많았죠
원래 안 이래요
사실 아까부터 봤어요
춤은 배우셨던 건가요
혹시 유명한 분인가요
잘 모르겠고 사실
이게 어떻게 된 거냐면 다

그래 춤선이 이뻤어요
그래서 어디서 오셨나요
계속 무시로 일관할 건가요
나 딴 게 아니라
그냥 목소리가 궁금해요
한 잔 더 줘
제가 맘만 앞서서
무례했던 거 같은데 죄송해요
잠깐 어디 가요
제 말 조금만 더 들어봐요
이게 있잖아요

그래서 어디서 오셨나요
그래서 어디로 가셨나요


geudae eodiseo osyeossnayo
geu oseun eodiseo guhaessnayo
oneul nalssiga geosessnayo
geocham nappeun saram aninikka
yeogi noraega eotteongayo
igeo je noraeranikkayo
geotbogin jom geuraedo ibwayo
jeo irae bwaedo ttane
yesulgara handanikkayo
geuraeseo honjaseo osyeossnayo
sureun eotteon geol johahanayo
hoksi chaege gwansim issnayo
a jega mari neomu manhassjyo
wonrae an iraeyo
sasil akkabuteo bwasseoyo
chumeun baeusyeossdeon geongayo
hoksi yumyeonghan buningayo
jal moreugessgo sasil
ige eotteohge doen geonyamyeon da

geurae chumseoni ippeosseoyo
geuraeseo eodiseo osyeossnayo
gyesok musiro ilgwanhal geongayo
na ttan ge anira
geunyang moksoriga gunggeumhaeyo
han jan deo jwo
jega mamman apseoseo
muryehaessdeon geo gateunde joesonghaeyo
jamkkan eodi gayo
je mal jogeumman deo deureobwayo
ige issjanhayo

geuraeseo eodiseo osyeossnayo
geuraeseo eodiro gasyeossnayo


Where did you come from
Where did you get the clothes?
Is the weather strong today?
He's not a bad person.
Talk to me.
How is the song here
This is my song.
Look at it.
Since then,
It's called art.
So you came by yourself
What do you like about alcohol?
Are you interested in books
Oh, I've talked too much.
It's not original.
Actually, I've seen it before.
Did you learn to dance?
Is he famous?
I do not know
This is what happened.

Yeah, the dance line was pretty.
So where did you come from
Continue to ignore it.
It's not me.
I'm just curious about your voice.
Give me another drink.
I am ahead of my mind
I'm sorry I was rude.
Where are you going?
Listen to me a little more.
You know this.

So where did you come from
So where did you go

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