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Kim Bo Kyung - I’m Confessing (고백하는거야)


다가갈 수 없어
난 초라해졌지
우린 왜 만났을까

안아줄 수 없어 지켜만 보다가 더 망설였었지

늘 너의옆에 제일 가까이 있는내가
왜 친구여야만 하는거니

넌 알고있잖아
이런 내 맘을
모르는것 처럼 그렇게 웃지마
미칠 것만 같아
오늘 아님 안될것 같아
고백하는거야 잘 들어
그냥 널 좋아해

늘 친구란 말로 표정은 숨겨도 더 커져만 가는
맘 어떡하니

넌 알고 있잖아
너만 바라보던 날
그림자처럼 늘 니옆을 맴돈 날
이젠 돌아봐줘
오늘 마지막이 된대도
더는 가둬둘 수 없었던
내맘 고백할게

친구로 만나지 않았다면
(시간을 돌리고 싶어)
두 눈 꼭 감고 이렇게 고백할게

넌 알고 있잖아 이런 내맘을
몰랐던 것 처럼 그런 표정 짓지마
내 손잡아줘
오늘 아님 안될 것 같아
이제 고백할게 잘 들어
너를 많이 좋아해


dagagal su eopseo nan chorahaejyeossji
urin wae mannasseulkka
anajul su eopseo

jikyeoman bodaga deo mangseoryeosseossji

neul neoui yeope jeil
gakkai issneun naega wae

chinguyeoyaman haneun geoni
neon algo issjanha ireon nae mameul
moreuneun geoscheoreom geureohge usji ma
michil geosman gata
oneul anim an doel geot gata
gobaekhaneun geoya jal deureo
geunyang neol johahae

neul chinguran mallo pyojeongeun sumgyeodo
deo keojyeoman ganeun mam eotteokhani

neon algo issjanha
neoman barabodeon nal
geurimjacheoreom neul ni yeopeul maemdon nal
ijen dorabwa jwo
oneul majimagi doendaedo
deoneun gadwodul su eopseossdeon
nae mam gobaekhalge

chinguro mannaji anhassdamyeon
siganeul dolligo sipeo
du nun kkok gamgo ireohge gobaekhalge

neon algo issjanha ireon nae mameul
mollassdeon geoscheoreom geureon pyojeong jisji ma
nae son jaba jwo
oneul anim an doel geot gata
ije gobaekhalge jal deureo
neoreul manhi johahae


I couldn’t approach you
So I felt pitiful
Why did we meet?

I couldn’t hug you
So I just watched over you
And hesitated even more

I was the closest to you
Why am I only a friend?

You already know how I feel
Stop smiling as if you don’t know
I think I’ll go crazy
I have to do this today
I’m confessing to you, listen carefully
Just… I like you

I hid my face since we’re friends
But my feelings keep growing, what do I do?

You already know how I only look at you
I circle around you like a shadow
Now look back at me
Even if today is the last day
I can’t keep it in anymore
I’ll confess my feelings

If only we didn’t meet as friends
(I want to turn back time)
I will close my eyes and confess to you like this

You already know how I feel
Don’t put on that face as if you don’t know
Hold my hand
I have to do this today
I’ll confess to you now, listen carefully
I like you a lot

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