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Sung Si Kyung - Fondly, Goodbye (다정하게, 안녕히)


얼핏 스치는 니 생각에도
많은 밤들을 뒤척일 텐데
괜찮다 말하기 엔
괜찮지가 않은 나
그래서 오늘도 미안

근데 말야 정말
내게서 널 빼면 그게
나이긴 나인 걸까

니가 없는 낮과 밤이
끝없이 이어진다잖아
너라는 공기도 없이
숨 쉬란 거잖아
분명하게 반짝거리던
사랑 니 모든 것들이
흩어진다 아프지만 안녕히

언뜻 니 웃음이 떠오르면
오래 아무것도 못할 텐데
시간은 고여 있고
니 어깨 위엔 달빛
그렇게 멈춘 우리 둘

근데 말야 나는
너의 세상 밖에서는
하루도 자신이 없는 걸

니가 없는 낮과 밤이
끝없이 이어진다잖아
너라는 위로도 없이
견디란 거잖아
선명하게 새겨져 있던
사랑 내 모든 것들이
부서진다 사라진다
아프지만 다정하게 안녕히

내게서 널 빼면
내가 아닌 거잖아
분명하게 반짝거리던
우리의 모든 것들이
흩어진다 나의 사랑
늘 안녕하길


eolpit seuchineun ni saenggagedo
manheun bamdeureul dwicheogil tende
gwaenchanhda malhagi en
gwaenchanhjiga anheun na
geuraeseo oneuldo mian

geunde marya jeongmal
naegeseo neol ppaemyeon geuge
naigin nain geolkka

niga eopsneun najgwa bami
kkeuteopsi ieojindajanha
neoraneun gonggido eopsi
sum swiran geojanha
bunmyeonghage banjjakgeorideon
sarang ni modeun geosdeuri
heuteojinda apeujiman annyeonghi

eontteut ni useumi tteooreumyeon
orae amugeosdo moshal tende
siganeun goyeo issgo
ni eokkae wien dalbicc
geureohge meomchun uri dul

geunde marya naneun
neoui sesang bakkeseoneun
harudo jasini eopsneun geol

niga eopsneun najgwa bami
kkeuteopsi ieojindajanha
neoraneun wirodo eopsi
gyeondiran geojanha
seonmyeonghage saegyeojyeo issdeon
sarang nae modeun geosdeuri
buseojinda sarajinda
apeujiman dajeonghage annyeonghi

naegeseo neol ppaemyeon
naega anin geojanha
bunmyeonghage banjjakgeorideon
uriui modeun geosdeuri
heuteojinda naui sarang
neul annyeonghagil


Even if thoughts of you just pass by faraway
I would toss and turn for many nights
So to say that I’m alright is wrong
Because I’m not alright
So again today, I’m sorry

But really
If you take yourself away from me
Would that really be me?

Days and nights without you
Endlessly connect
That means that I have to breath
Without the air that is you
Love that clearly sparkled
And all of you is scattering
It hurts but goodbye

If I suddenly remember your laugh
I wouldn’t be able to do anything for a while
Time is building up
The moonlight is on your shoulders
And we have stopped like that

But for me
Outside of your world
I don’t think I can last a day

Days and nights without you
Endlessly connect
That means I have to endure
Without the comfort that is you
Love that was clearly engraved
And all of me is breaking, is disappearing
It hurts but here’s a warm goodbye

If you take yourself away from me
I won’t be me anymore
All of us that clearly sparkled
It’s scattering
My love
I hope you will always be well

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