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Dvwn (다운) - Yeonnam-dong (연남동) (Feat. lIlBOI)


잔뜩 취한 채 홍대
주위를 털레털레 걷다가
자주 갔던 카페 거리 앞에

멈춰선 발은 왜인지
집 반대편으로 가려 해
어디쯤인지도 모른 채
마냥 걷다 보니 어느새

익숙한 곳이야
너와 걸어본 탓에
허전한 마음이야

Tell me why
나 그곳에 머물러있어
폰을 들었다 놔
너와 걷던 거리에

생각보다도 길어지네 더
어디 기대서
쉬고 싶었지만
내가 바뀌었나 봐
예전에 비해서

Now look at the fashion
I do it big huh
모든 게 잘 풀렸다지만
난 깨달은 게 있어
That I be losin’ some

이걸 먼저 알았다면
달랐을지도 아니 어쩌면
지금 나와 똑같을지 몰라
Like it or not

오늘도 이 거리에
넌 없는 것 같애
But I’m lookin’ for you
나는 어느새

연남동 거리야
너와 걸어본 탓에
슬퍼진 거리야

나도 모르게
또 거리를 두리번
한 번쯤 마주치길
바라는 건가

기억이 기억해
건물 사이사이로
I’m lookin’ for you
그때 그 미로 속

연남동 거리야
한적했던 이곳엔
부쩍 사람이 많아진 것 같아

연남동 거리야
넌 지금 어디야


jantteuk chwihan chae hongdae
juwireul teolleteolle geotdaga
jaju gassdeon kape geori ape

meomchwoseon bareun waeinji
jip bandaepyeoneuro garyeo hae
eodijjeuminjido moreun chae
manyang geotda boni eoneusae

iksukhan gosiya
neowa georeobon tase
heojeonhan maeumiya

Tell me why
na geugose meomulleoisseo
poneul deureossda nwa
neowa geotdeon georie

saenggakbodado gireojine deo
eodi gidaeseo
swigo sipeossjiman
naega bakkwieossna bwa
yejeone bihaeseo

Now look at the fashion
I do it big huh
modeun ge jal pullyeossdajiman
nan kkaedareun ge isseo
That I be losin’ some

igeol meonjeo arassdamyeon
dallasseuljido ani eojjeomyeon
jigeum nawa ttokgateulji molla
Like it or not

oneuldo i georie
neon eopsneun geot gatae
But I’m lookin’ for you
naneun eoneusae

yeonnamdong georiya
neowa georeobon tase
seulpeojin georiya

nado moreuge
tto georireul duribeon
han beonjjeum majuchigil
baraneun geonga

gieogi gieokhae
geonmul saisairo
I’m lookin’ for you
geuttae geu miro sok

yeonnamdong georiya
hanjeokhaessdeon igosen
bujjeok sarami manhajin geot gata

yeonnamdong georiya
neon jigeum eodiya


Plastered in Hongdae
Just wandering around
On the streets with a coffee shop I used to go to

Didn’t know why my feet stopped
But it wanted to go the other way
Not even knowing where
Just walking until

I reached a familiar place
Because I’ve been here with you
I feel empty

Tell me why
I’m staying down
Picked up my cell phone, then put it down
On the streets that I walked with you

It gets longer than I thought
Somewhere, I wanted to lean
And rest
I must have changed
Compared to before

Now look at the fashion
I do it big
Everything worked out well
But I came to realize
That I be losin’ some

If I knew this first
It might have been different, or maybe
It could be just the same as me now
Like it or not

Even today on this streets
You don’t seem to exist
But I’m lookin’ for you

I’m on Yeonnam-dong streets
Because I’ve walked with you
These streets have become sad

Without realizing
I look around the streets
Bump into you just once
Is that what I want?

My memories remember
Between the buildings
I’m lookin’ for you
In the mazes from before

I’m on Yeonnam-dong streets
It used to be quiet
It seems crowded now

I’m on Yeonnam-dong streets
Where are you now?

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