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Han Seungyeon (KARA) - She Is Me (그앤 나)


네겐 이미 오래된
얘긴지 모르겠지만
내겐 아주 생생한 얘기가 있어
그저 까맣고 작은
그냥 그런 아이가 있었지

하루종일 방 안에 박혀서
멍만 늘 때리다가
뭔가 아쉬워서 잠깐 밖에 나갔다
너를 만나고 낯선 감정을
만나게 됐지

처음 만나 보는 설렘과
혼자선 감당 안 되는 맘이
어떻게 그 앤 할 수 없어서
하늘에게 빌어 봤어요

하나만 바래
나를 바꿀게
너에게 닿길
하나 둘 셋을 세면
니가 있기를 제발

특별한 재주도 하나 없고
잘난 것도 없지만
하나를 위해서
부단히 노력 했어
너를 만나려 그 앤
전부를 던져 버렸어

처음 앞에 서게 되던 날
따뜻한 미솔 지어 보낸 너
긴장한 그 앤 처음 알았지
행복한 눈물도 있단 걸

너만 있다면
낯선 이 길도
걸을 수 있어
하나 둘 셋을 세면
내 손 잡기를 제발

방에 돌아와 우리 지금의 시간
한참을 보며 그 앤 웃곤 해
너는 알아 주길 작은 소원을

처음 만난 사람이 너라
정말로 그 앤 운이 좋았어
함께한 추억도 만들었고
댓가 없는 맘도 받았지

수많은 꿈들
너만 남기를
하나 둘 셋을 세면
니가 있기를 제발
내 곁에 너만 남기를 제발
니 곁에 내가 있기를
제발 그랬으면


negen imi oraedoen
yaeginji moreugessjiman
naegen aju saengsaenghan yaegiga isseo
geujeo kkamahgo jageun
geunyang geureon aiga isseossji

harujongil bang ane bakhyeoseo
meongman neul ttaeridaga
mwonga aswiwoseo jamkkan bakke nagassda
neoreul mannago naccseon gamjeongeul
mannage dwaessji

cheoeum manna boneun seollemgwa
honjaseon gamdang an doeneun mami
eotteohge geu aen hal su eopseoseo
haneurege bireo bwasseoyo

hanaman barae
nareul bakkulge
neoege dahgil
hana dul seseul semyeon
niga issgireul jebal

teukbyeolhan jaejudo hana eopsgo
jalnan geosdo eopsjiman
hanareul wihaeseo
budanhi noryeok haesseo
neoreul mannaryeo geu aen
jeonbureul deonjyeo beoryeosseo

cheoeum ape seoge doedeon nal
ttatteushan misol jieo bonaen neo
ginjanghan geu aen cheoeum arassji
haengbokhan nunmuldo issdan geol

neoman issdamyeon
naccseon i gildo
georeul su isseo
hana dul seseul semyeon
nae son japgireul jebal

bange dorawa uri jigeumui sigan
hanchameul bomyeo geu aen usgon hae
neoneun ara jugil jageun sowoneul

cheoeum mannan sarami neora
jeongmallo geu aen uni johasseo
hamkkehan chueokdo mandeureossgo
daesga eopsneun mamdo badassji

sumanheun kkumdeul
neoman namgireul
hana dul seseul semyeon
niga issgireul jebal
nae gyeote neoman namgireul jebal
ni gyeote naega issgireul
jebal geuraesseumyeon


This might be an old story to you
But I have a story that’s still so clear to me
There was a small and dark girl
Who was very ordinary

All day, I stayed in my room
Always drawing a blank
So I felt like something was missing and went outside
Then I met you and I also met unfamiliar feelings

I’ve never met these heart fluttering feelings
I couldn’t handle those feelings by myself
That girl couldn’t do anything about it
So she prayed to the sky

I only wanted one thing
To change myself
So I could reach you
If I count, 1, 2, 3
I hope you will be there, please

I have no special talent
I’m not good at anything
But I tried hard for just one thing
In order to meet you
She threw everything

The day I stood in front of you for the first time
You gave me a warm smile
She was so nervous but she learned
That there was such a thing as happy tears

If only you are here
I can walk on this unfamiliar path
If I count 1, 2, 3
I hope you will hold my hand, please

After she came back to her room
She looked back at our time and smiled
I hope you will know about these small wishes

She was so lucky
That you were her first person she ever met
We made memories together
And she received your heart

Even if countless dreams disappear
I hope only you will remain
If I could 1, 2, 3
I hope you will be there, please

I hope only you will remain by my side, please
I hope you will be by my side

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