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Jehwi (제휘) - Holiday


발 디딜 곳 없는 방
숨 쉴 곳은 창문 틈

전구 불빛에 날리는 먼지뿐
아주 아늑히 떨어지네

지치지도 않는 비
쏟아내면 또 다시

널어 둔 마음 걷으러 가면서
흠뻑 적신다 천천히 잠긴다

잎새 사이로 작은 배 하나 있어 Holiday
두 팔을 벌려 바람길을 따라 흘러가네

잎새 사이로 작은 배와 나 it’s a Holiday
두 팔을 벌려 바람길을 따라 흘러가네

늘 잠도 오지 않는 밤
전화기와 a glass of wine
숫자와 탱고 비밀 chasing the light
풀 수 없는 문제 이 밤이 가도록

비척걸음에 닳아 없어진 밑창 holiday
더는 상영하지 않는
영화 포스터를 보다가

오랜 기다림 다소 촌스러운 컬러 holiday
내 걸음걸이와는 결이 달라
time to call it a day

내친걸음에 달려 늦어진 도착 holiday
너를 아직 기억해
it’s 24th summer night
나도 모르게 지난 얼굴조차 잊은 체
두 팔을 벌려 바람길에 몸을 맡긴 holiday


bal didil got eopsneun bang
sum swil goseun changmun teum

jeongu bulbiche nallineun meonjippun
aju aneukhi tteoreojine

jichijido anhneun bi
ssodanaemyeon tto dasi

neoreo dun maeum geodeureo gamyeonseo
heumppeok jeoksinda cheoncheonhi jamginda

ipsae sairo jageun bae hana isseo Holiday
du pareul beollyeo baramgireul ttara heulleogane

ipsae sairo jageun baewa na it’s a Holiday
du pareul beollyeo baramgireul ttara heulleogane

neul jamdo oji anhneun bam
jeonhwagiwa a glass of wine
susjawa taenggo bimil chasing the light
pul su eopsneun munje i bami gadorok

bicheokgeoreume talha eopseojin mitchang holiday
deoneun sangyeonghaji anhneun
yeonghwa poseuteoreul bodaga

oraen gidarim daso chonseureoun keolleo holiday
nae georeumgeoriwaneun gyeori dalla
time to call it a day

naechingeoreume dallyeo neujeojin dochak holiday
neoreul ajik gieokhae
it’s 24th summer night
nado moreuge jinan eolguljocha ijeun che
du pareul beollyeo baramgire momeul matgin holiday


a room with nowhere to go
A place to breathe is through the window

It's just dust blowing in the light of a light bulb
Falls very comfortably

never ending rain
If you pour it out again

As I go to walk my open heart
Soak, soak slowly

There is a small boat among the leaves Holiday
Open her arms and flow along the windy road

A small boat and me through the leaves, it's a Holiday
I open my arms and flow along the wind path

a night that never sleeps
A phone and a glass of wine
Numbers and tango secrets chasing the light
An unsolvable problem, let the night go by

The soles worn out by stumbling along holiday
no longer showing
looking at the movie poster

Long wait, rather rustic color holiday
It's different from my gait
time to call it a day

A delayed arrival holiday
i still remember you
it’s 24th summer night
Without realizing it, I even forgot my past face
A holiday with open arms and surrendering to the wind

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