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San E - Rap Genius


(Introducing Rap Genius from planet Earth)
나는 랩 천재 (x3)

[Verse 1]
I'm a Rap Genius, I'm a Rap Jesus
한국 힙합 씬, 내가 나타나면 기적
Call me Rap Monster, cause I rap nonstop
Underground quality, mentality of rockstar
왜 자꾸 까먹어? 안 가려. 난 다 먹어
East, west, dirty south. 내 스타일대로 타 먹어
Question: 산 선생님, 어떻게 함 랩 잘해요?
Here's the answer: Play my mixtape on your stereo
난 Edison 머리 위 아이디어 전구
국립 과학 연구소가 인증한 선수
2Pac의 화석, Biggie의 자손
Nas가 첫째고 난 둘째: God's son
Lyrical Britannica, 폭발 직전의 chemical
난 자석. 넌 철가루처럼 반응할테니까
All the mother...(에윗에윗) 다 뒤졌으
퍼뜨려, 내 이름. San E a.k.a. Rap Genius

I'm a Rap Genius (x4)
So put your hand up like Statue of Liberty (x2)

[Verse 2]
I'm firing hot, I'm firing tight
I'm firing fly, I'm firing San
헤헤, 모든 hater들은 흥분해
자꾸 자극되는 언어의 음핵
이런 주제 랩 뭐? 스펙트럼이 좁대
그러면 발라드 사랑 노래는 변함 없이 좋대
산이 이래, 산이 저래, 산, 산, blah blah
산 이번에 나온 노래 야디 야디 야다
날 중심으로 갈라질 힙합 구약과 신약
내 가친 너의 10배. 난 세종, 너는 이황
난 힙합 탈레반, 넌 장미나 진달래반
이것이 바로 내 즐거움. 계속 할래, 난
난 드렁큰 타이거를 잇는 랩의 달인 맞어
너희가 힙합을 알어? 모르면 말을 말어
하하하, 난 한국 대표하는 철권의 화랑
드디어 나타난 Korean hip hop superstar


나는 핍박을 받어. 손에 못 들어가
그러나 난 힙합의 암호. 없인 못 들어가
I'm over than overground, under than underground
San E 랩 잘해요. 래-래-랩 잘해요, 랩
왜 나는 별로야? Jay Z도 별로야?
Weezy도 별로야? 니 귀는 무슨 걸레야?
ㅅ-ㅏ-ㄴ, 하, 내 랩은 Nike
Anybody but me, any-anybody but me

[Verse 3]
배고파야 힙합이란 구시대 발상 fuck that
힙합 꼰대들과 유교 힙합도 fuck that
날 못 느끼면 심각한 수준의 불감증
왜냠 내 랩은 뻥 터지는 부탄 가스
Call me 랩 천재 또는 랩 선생
모짜르트, 베토벤보다 변태
그리고 난 평소에 겸손해. 그러니 경솔하게
인간성 이래저래 말고 변소나 청소해



(Introducing Rap Genius from planet Earth)
naneun raep cheonjae (x3)

[Verse 1]
I'm a Rap GeniusI'm a Rap Jesus
hanguk hiphap ssin, naega natanamyeon gijeok
Call me Rap Monstercause I rap nonstop
Underground qualitymentality of rockstar
wae jakku kkameogeo? an garyeo. nan da meogeo
Eastwestdirty south. nae seutaildaero ta meogeo
Question: san seonsaengnim, eotteoke ham raep jalhaeyo?
Here's the answerPlay my mixtape on your stereo
nan Edison meori wi aidieo jeongu
gungnip gwahak yeongusoga injeunghan seonsu
2Pacui hwaseok, Biggieui jason
Nasga cheotjjaego nan duljjae: God's son
Lyrical Britannica, pokbal jikjeonui chemical
nan jaseok. neon cheolgarucheoreom baneunghaltenikka
All the mother...(ewisewit) da dwijyeosseu
peotteuryeo, nae ireum. San E a.k.aRap Genius

I'm a Rap Genius (x4)
So put your hand up like Statue of Liberty (x2)

[Verse 2]
I'm firing hotI'm firing tight
I'm firing flyI'm firing San
hehe, modeun haterdeureun heungbunhae
jakku jageukdoeneun eoneoui eumhaek
ireon juje raep mwo? seupekteureomi jopdae
geureomyeon balladeu sarang noraeneun byeonham eobsi jotae
sani irae, sani jeorae, san, san, blah blah
san ibeone naon norae yadi yadi yada
nal jungsimeuro gallajil hiphap guyakgwa sinyak
nae gachin neoui 10bae. nan sejong, neoneun ihwang
nan hiphap talleban, neon jangmina jindallaeban
igeosi baro nae jeulgeoum. gyesok hallae, nan
nan deureongkeun taigeoreul itneun raebui darin majeo
neohuiga hiphabeul areo? moreumyeon mareul mareo
hahaha, nan hanguk daepyohaneun cheolgwonui hwarang


Welcome motherfuckers, this is rap circus
Fucking hot like summer, especially like August (hot)
Just come out and watch, call your friends in the neighborhood
All the fucking freaks, sluts, and insects all allowed, here, curtain up
Start the roars, (woo) lights, spotlight tensions (shh)
Everyone be quiet, it is my show, I'm the landlord
Take a breath, (phew) gentleman enters, salutes, 
(ayo) you must have already known
Real serious hip-hop (yeah)
To summarize, high grounds in stunts, 
stick them other rappers like using a toothpick
Then bury them in graves, write in their tombstones
that they were pussies, and enjoy the beauty (haha)
Cuties like they are one plus one
Rhyme-wise, Flow-wise, Lyric-wise
Concept-wise, put me as their foes, inversely
and reversely, Warcraft aggro
Squeeze and squeeze them words like they Play-Doh
Create fresh expressions (kah) might become the Creator
So listen to their rap, and then feel my rap
Can't narrow the gap, the difference in level, imprint it in your brains
To them little boys fucking around saying 
they be doing arts, difference in class
This is class, God bless my life
Welcome motherfuckers, this is rap circus (x4)
Heads and shoulders and knees and toes
Swag (check) swag (check)
Grab the microphone and here, 
Rap (do it), rap (do it)
I must have rested too much (yeah)
They must have forgotten what I've shown (right)
They must think that I am finished, these bitches
must have been brainwashed and killed in the ears
Using modifiers like 'genius', 'best', just anywhere
They'll have to see? Okay then, I'll just show them all
I'm not afraid anymore, break my seal, I was in a corner like a statue
Break them retarded motherfuckers they all arrested
Overratedness is your crime, loser
What I need is a second chance, leaving me out is a cultural loss
Equipped in spirit and wisdom, I'll start a new era so look forward to it
Therefore, all you have to say is "Why hasn't San E done this until now?" (Ho)
I'm ashamed, my own decision to join a zoo
Feeding on chickens that they threw
Be tamed, so more people can watch the circus
But one's nature couldn't be hidden, I'm a wild lion
Bite, chew, taste, enjoy and smell the blood, only then I can sleep well
Here, I'll open my jaws, try putting your head in it like before
Actually, this is Junji Ito, grotesque circus, die you retards
Yes, I'm back-back-back, merciless attack-tack-tack
Ring a bell for the clowns, louder, ding-ding-ding
Welcome motherfuckers, this is rap circus
(Get your head up and watch the show, C'mon, let's pay attention)
Welcome motherfuckers, this is rap circus
(Rap circus, rhyme juggling, flow jumping, and punchline tumbling)
Welcome motherfuckers, this is rap circus
(Risky tightrope act, it isn't over yet)
Welcome motherfuckers, this is rap circus
(Can I sing for y'all?)
(Looks great, you must be well, I should have
done what I wanted to do sooner)
Verbal Jint, Supreme Team, GD, what have I done 
to be considered not as good as those rappers?
My appearances? I got country looks like I'm on some Discovery Channel shit
What's that? (Who's this?) Don't say that, love me as well, you stepmother!
Forget 'San the teacher', 'Tasty San' and 'Rap Genius'
To celebrate the resurrection, a new name, San E the Big Boy
(What?) San E the Big Boy with a thick voice
Flick flick, change around, my quick flow is so wicked
No gimmick, like tic disorders, but brilliant rap enough to be in the olympics
B-boying, fall down in front of me, trying to get up groaning
Your rap sounds to me like Donald Duck,
Quack-quack quack-quack, quack
Cook you for roasted duck, eat it and be nourished, become so sick
I'll be Mozart, you be my Salieri, for me done!
Thank you, motherfuckers, it was rap circus
(Presented by San E the Big Boy)
Thank you, motherfuckers, it was rap circus
(Was this one entertaining? Hope you like it)
Thank you, motherfuckers, it was rap circus
(It just start man, my mix tape called 'Rehabilitation Training')
Thank you, motherfuckers, it was rap circus
It was, it was, it was rap circus.

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