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Jung Key (정키) - My Girl (With Musiq Soulchild)


The very first time I saw you
Still runs through my mind
And all I can see is you

Because of you
I find myself restless
Feel like it’s not me anymore
Never knew that I could
love someone so much
My girl

Sometimes I swear that
you’ll leave me
Maybe it’s just a dream
And I even doubt
that you are real

I doubt if you have
someone like me
I doubt if you have
them around you
I hate to be one of those
I hope to be the one for you

Babe I love you
Why it’s so hard to
come and just say this
What would you say
It makes me wonder

Cuz all that time I spent with you
My feelings have grown but
You will never know
You don’t have any clue clue

It’s not just some game
you’ve heard before
It’s nothing like an old cliche
Can someone please
tell me what to say

I never want you to get me wrong
Don’t wanna hurt you my baby
I hope that you feel like me
What if you feel just like me

Babe I love you
Why so hard to come
and just say this
I don’t think I can take
what you might say
What would you say
I wonder

All this time I spent with you
My feelings have grown but
You will never know
never know

I get so weak with butterflies
when I’m coming up to you
But I can’t stop now
Can someone tell me
What should I do if she hesitates

One more step close
I will get to you
Stay where you are my baby
I want you to be my girl
stay baby
That’s all I ask of you

You’re the only one I care for
The one that I adore
Feel like it’s time
I should let you know that

Babe I love you
I’m not perfect but I’m so true
My heart is here for you
I hope you’ll listen

My girl
My girl
My girl

You are the only one true love
my dear
My girl

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