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015B (공일오비) - Uncertainty Principle (불확정성의 원리) (Feat. Dawon)


한 치 앞도 보이지 않아
손을 뻗어 만져 보려 해도
잡힐 것 같은 순간
또다시 내게서 멀어져 가

Feel this chaos paradox
Small changes made by butterfly

울지마라 실망마라
그런 건 지금 할 일 아냐
지나간 일 바꿀 순 없어
다른 미래를 만들면 돼

미워도 마 질투도 마
Dark Energy는 결국 니 몫
절망의 늪 박차 나와
너는 저 높이 올라간다

우리 계속 추측만 해
우린 계획하고 신은 비웃어
무엇도 확실치 않아
또다시 마음만 다해 볼 뿐

Basement 밑엔 또 지하
끝이 없어 보여도

똑바로 봐 똑바로 봐
지금은 그저 똑바로 봐
결정된 건 아직 없어
모든 건 네게 달려있어

나비 하나 날개짓에
태풍이 온다 바뀐 엔딩
운명에게 맡기지 마
결국은 니가 만들 거야


han chi apdo boiji anha
soneul ppeodeo manjyeo boryeo haedo
japhil geot gateun sungan
ttodasi naegeseo meoreojyeo ga

Feel this chaos paradox
Small changes made by butterfly

uljimara silmangmara
geureon geon jigeum hal il anya
jinagan il bakkul sun eopseo
dareun miraereul mandeulmyeon dwae

miwodo ma jiltudo ma
Dark Energyneun gyeolguk ni moks
jeolmangui neup bakcha nawa
neoneun jeo nopi ollaganda

uri gyesok chucheukman hae
urin gyehoekhago sineun biuseo
mueosdo hwaksilchi anha
ttodasi maeumman dahae bol ppun

Basement miten tto jiha
kkeuti eopseo boyeodo

ttokbaro bwa ttokbaro bwa
jigeumeun geujeo ttokbaro bwa
gyeoljeongdoen geon ajik eopseo
modeun geon nege dallyeoisseo

nabi hana nalgaejise
taepungi onda bakkwin ending
unmyeongege matgiji ma
gyeolgugeun niga mandeul geoya


I can't see one step ahead
Even if I try to reach out and touch her hand
A moment that seems to be caught
Again, you're getting farther away from me

Feel this chaos paradox
Small changes made by butterfly

Don't cry, don't be disappointed
That's not something to do now
I can't change what's been past
You can create a different future

Don't hate me, don't get jealous
Dark Energy is yours in the end
Come out of the swamp of despair
You go up that high

We keep guessing
We plan and God laughs
I'm not sure what
I just try with all my heart again

Under the basement, another underground
Even if it seems endless

Look straight look straight
Now just look straight ahead
Nothing has been decided yet
Everything depends on you

A butterfly on its wing
The typhoon is coming, the changed ending
Don't leave it to fate
In the end you will make it

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