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ONEUS (원어스) - Intro : Eden


유혹의 덫에 빠져들 때
그 끝을 알면서도 탐해
순간이 영원할 것 같은 곳
나 홀로 남겨진 이곳에서 널 불러

닿고 싶어 너의 거리
멀게만 느껴져 우린 대체 어디에
너라는 낙원 그 낙원을 찾아
마침 눈을 떠 선악과
금기 된 열매를 삼켜 나
밝지만 무서워 가득 찬 달
신에게 영원을 빌어
구원해 prayer
더 이상 we have no fear

답을 알지 못해 방황하던 그때
달콤한 그 유혹에 넘어가
우리가 있던 곳 그곳을 찾아가
이 시련을 넘어서

We’re gonna reach for EDEN
We’re gonna reach for EDEN

EDEN EDEN 널 탐할수록 멀어져가
시든 시든 메마른 꽃처럼
향기가 더 깊어져가 짙어져가
너의 향기만 남아
We’re gonna reach for EDEN


yuhogui teocce ppajyeodeul ttae
geu kkeuteul almyeonseodo tamhae
sungani yeongwonhal geot gateun gos
na hollo namgyeojin igoseseo neol bulleo

dahgo sipeo neoui geori
meolgeman neukkyeojyeo urin daeche eodie
neoraneun nagwon geu nagwoneul chaja
machim nuneul tteo seonakgwa
geumgi doen yeolmaereul samkyeo na
balkjiman museowo gadeuk chan dal
sinege yeongwoneul bireo
guwonhae prayer
deo isang we have no fear

dabeul alji moshae banghwanghadeon geuttae
dalkomhan geu yuhoge neomeoga
uriga issdeon got geugoseul chajaga
i siryeoneul neomeoseo

We’re gonna reach for EDEN
We’re gonna reach for EDEN

EDEN EDEN neol tamhalsurok meoreojyeoga
sideun sideun memareun kkocccheoreom
hyanggiga deo gipeojyeoga jiteojyeoga
neoui hyanggiman nama
We’re gonna reach for EDEN


When you fall into the trap of temptation
I covet it even though I know the end
A place where the moment seems like it will last forever
I call you in this place where I am left alone

I want to reach your street
It feels so far away, where the hell are we?
A paradise called you, find that paradise
Just open your eyes and learn good and evil
Swallow the forbidden fruit
The moon is bright but full of fear
pray to god forever
save me prayer
No more we have no fear

When I was wandering without knowing the answer
Fall for that sweet temptation
go to where we were
over this ordeal

We're gonna reach for EDEN
We're gonna reach for EDEN

EDEN EDEN The more I crave you, the farther away I get
Like a withered flower that withers or withers
The scent gets deeper and thicker
only your scent remains
We're gonna reach for EDEN

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