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STELLAR - Cry (펑펑울었어)


Baby I don’t wanna cry
(Brave sound let’s go get it)

창밖에 날씨는 또 왜 이리
내 맘과 달리 이리 좋은지 oh
오늘따라 네가 너무 원망스러워
but 금세 난 또 네가 너무나 그리워

I wanna go back 예전 그대로
네가 날 보며 환히 웃던 그때로
I I I wanna love you
난 그것뿐인데 babe 넌 어디에 oh

노래를 듣다가 펑펑 울었어
내 얘기 같아서 한없이 울었어
술 한잔 하다가 펑펑 울었어
옛 생각이 나서 oh babe

밥을 먹다가 펑펑 울었어
네가 떠올라서 넘길 수가 없어
네 생각이 나서 나 잠이 안와서
I’m crying because..

툭하면 울컥하는 내 맘을 아나요
요즘 너 나를 떠난 뒤 좀 어떤가요
네가 없는 나는 참 많은 것들이 변했어
네가 없는 매일 밤을 난 펑펑 울었어

꿈에서라도 널 볼까봐
오늘도 난 기도해요

꿈이 깨면 나는 또 울겠죠
네가 그리운 마음에


baby I don’t wanna cry
(Brave sound let’s go get it)

changbakke nalssineun tto wae iri
nae mamgwa dalli iri joheunji oh
oneulttara nega neomu wonmangseureowo
but geumse nan tto nega neomuna geuriwo

I wanna go back yejeon geudaero
nega nal bomyeo hwanhi usdeon geuttaero
I I I wanna love you
nan geugeosppuninde babe neon eodie oh

noraereul deutdaga peongpeong ureosseo
nae yaegi gataseo haneopsi ureosseo
sul hanjan hadaga peongpeong ureosseo
yet saenggagi naseo oh babe

babeul meokdaga peongpeong ureosseo
nega tteoollaseo neomgil suga eopseo
ne saenggagi naseo na jami anwaseo
I’m cruing because..

tukhamyeon ulkeokhaneun nae mameul anayo
yojeum neo nareul tteonan dwi jom eotteongayo
nega eopsneun naneun cham manheun geosdeuri byeonhaesseo
nega eopsneun maeil bameul nan peongpeong ureosseo

kkumeseorado neol bolkkabwa
oneuldo nan gidohaeyo

kkumi kkaemyeon naneun tto ulgessjyo
nega geuriun maeume


Baby I don’t wanna cry
(Brave sound let’s go get it)

Why is the weather outside so nice
Unlike my heart?
Today, I resent you even more
But so quickly, I miss you again

I wanna go back to those days
When you looked at me and brightly smiled
I I I wanna love you
That’s it babe, but where are you?

I was listening to a song then I cried so hard
Cried endlessly cuz it sounded like my story
I had a drink and then I cried so hard
Because I remembered the past, oh babe

I was eating then I cried so hard
Because I thought of you, I couldn’t swallow
Because I thought of you, I couldn’t sleep
I’m crying because..

Do you know how I cry so easily?
How are you these days after you left me?
Without you, so much of me has changed
Without you, I cried every night

I prayed again today
That I would see you in my dreams

When I wake up, I’ll cry again
Because I miss you

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