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F.T. Island - OH


너무 미워 Oh oh oh 싫증이나 Oh oh oh
제멋대로 Oh oh oh oh 나만의 천사 어디로 갔니

촌스러워 Oh oh oh 맨 얼굴의 너 Oh oh
상냥해 줘 Oh oh 제발 섹시한 너는 어디간 거니

자꾸 잊게 돼 한눈 팔게 돼
네가 없는 난 어떨까 상상해

난 자유롭지 어디로 날지 난 몰라
세상 Girl들이 기다리잖아 다시 시작해
미안함 없이 밤마다 파티 All night
맘에 꼭 드는 그녀를 만나면 더 없는 축복 Absolutely

들켰나 봐 Oh oh oh 헤어지재 Oh oh oh
변해버린 내 마음이 내 사랑 그녀를 울려버렸어

내 맘 봤나 봐 서운했나 봐
정말로 가면 떠나면 어떡해

# 내 심장이 툭 저 바닥에 툭 떨어져
뿌연 안개가 걷혀 지 듯이 네가 잘 보여
처음 너를 본 날 처음 키스한날 Memory
가슴에 너를 안았던 그 날 꿈같던 떨림 One fine day

Oh ~

수 많은 추억 눈물이 되어 쏟아져
너 없이 견딜 자신이 없어 제발 가지마


neomu miwo Oh oh oh sircheungina Oh oh oh
jemeotdaero Oh oh oh oh namanui cheonsa eodiro ganni

chonseureowo Oh oh oh maen eolgurui neo Oh oh
sangnyanghae jwo Oh oh jebal seksihan neoneun eodigan geoni

jakku itge dwae hannun palge dwae
nega eomneun nan eotteolkka sangsanghae

nan jayuropji eodiro nalji nan molla
sesang Girldeuri gidarijanha dasi sijakhae
mianham eobsi bammada pati All night
mame kkok deuneun geunyeoreul mannamyeon deo eomneun chukbok Absolutely

deulkyeonna bwa Oh oh oh heeojijae Oh oh oh
byeonhaebeorin nae maeumi nae sarang geunyeoreul ullyeobeoryeosseo

nae mam bwanna bwa seounhaenna bwa
jeongmallo gamyeon tteonamyeon eotteokhae

nae simjangi tuk jeo badage tuk tteoreojyeo
ppuyeon angaega geotyeo ji deusi nega jal boyeo
cheoeum neoreul bon nal cheoeum kiseuhannal Memory
gaseume neoreul anatdeon geu nal kkumgatdeon tteollim One fine day

Oh ~

su manheun chueok nunmuri doeeo ssodajyeo
neo eobsi gyeondil jasini eobseo jebal gajima


I don’t like you, Oh oh oh, I’m sick of you, Oh oh oh
Always about you, Oh oh oh oh, what happened to my angel?

It’s so tacky, Oh oh oh, your bare face, Oh oh
Please be nice, Oh oh , what happened to sexy you?

I keep forgetting about you, I keep getting distracted.
I imagine what would it be like without you.

I am free. I don’t know where I might fly away to.
Girls in this world are waiting for me. I start over.
Partying every night without feeling sorry, party all night.
When I meet a girl I really like, then that’s a blessing, absolutely.

She must have found out, oh oh oh. She is telling me good bye, oh oh oh.
My changed heart made my love cry.

She must have seen my heart. She must have felt upset.
What should I do if she really leaves me?

# My heart drops onto the floor
I can see you clearly as if the fog has been lifted,
The day first saw you, the day I first kissed you, memory
That dream-like excitement when I hugged you in my arms, one fine day

Oh ~

Countless memories fall down as tears
I can’t live without you, please don’t go.

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