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2AM - Back Then (그때)


그때 12시가 다되면
늦은 막차에 맘 졸이며 입 맞추던
그때 니 생일을 앞두고
몇 일을 열심히 굶어도 배부르던
그때의 내가 그리워
*동전 몇 개로 전화기만 붙들고
파란 화면에 타자로 밤을 새도
손 떨리고 두 눈 빠져도 우리 둘은 참 뜨거웠어
그 새벽 모퉁이의 첫 입맞춤과
말도 안되게 했던 사랑한단 말
참 뭉클했던 너와 내가 그리워 oh 넌 잘 있을까
그때 니가 준 공 테잎속에
최신 유행한 노래 사이로 니 목소리
다신 들을 수 없지만
그 소중한걸 그땐 왜 그걸 몰랐었는지
바보처럼 왜 이제와 후회하는지
단 하루라도 돌아갈 수 있다면
그 때의 나로 돌아갈 수 있다면
말할 거야 고마웠다고 니가 있어 내가 있다고
말도 못하게 시간이 흘렀지만
또 다른 사랑하고 있을 너지만
어디에 있건 행복하길 바랄께 oh 내 사랑 안녕


geuttae 12siga dadoemyeon
neujeun makchae mam jorimyeo ip matchudeon
geuttae ni saengireul apdugo
myeot ireul yeolsimhi gurmeodo baebureudeon
geuttaeui naega geuriwo
*dongjeon myeot gaero jeonhwagiman butdeulgo
paran hwamyeone tajaro bameul saedo
son tteolligo du nun ppajyeodo uri dureun cham tteugeowosseo
geu saebyeok motungiui cheot immatchumgwa
maldo andoege haetdeon saranghandan mal
cham mungkeulhaetdeon neowa naega geuriwo oh neon jal isseulkka
geuttae niga jun gong teipsoge
choesin yuhaenghan norae sairo ni moksori
dasin deureul su eobtjiman
geu sojunghangeol geuttaen wae geugeol mollasseonneunji
babocheoreom wae ijewa huhoehaneunji
dan harurado doragal su itdamyeon
geu ttaeui naro doragal su itdamyeon
malhal geoya gomawotdago niga isseo naega itdago
maldo motage sigani heulleotjiman
tto dareun saranghago isseul neojiman
eodie itgeon haengbokhagil baralkke oh nae sarang annyeong


Back then, when the clock struck midnight
We kissed as we frantically waited for the last bus
Back then, when it was getting to be your birthday
I starved for a few days but still felt full
I miss myself from back then

* We held onto the payphone with a few coins
We stayed up all night, typing into the blue chatting screen
Though our hands shook and our eyes almost fell out
We were so passionate

** Our first kiss at the corner of dawn
Saying “I love you” so many times, it’s hard to believe
You and I from back chokes me up, I miss it – are you doing well?

In that mixtape you gave me back then
Your voice was in between was those popular songs of the time
Although I can’t hear it anymore

* Repeat

** Repeat

Why didn’t I know how precious those times were back then?
Why am I regretting now like a fool?

If I can go back for just a day
If I can go back to the me from back then
I will tell you that I thank you and because you were there, I am here right now

So much time has passed now
And you are probably in another relationship
But wherever you are, I hope you are happy, oh goodbye my love

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