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Heyne - Reminiscences (그저 스치는 계절 같은 것)


외로움을 네 탓으로 돌리려다 말았어
혼자인 밤에 널 실패한 이유를 생각해

나의 곁을 지켜주던 너는 이제 없지만
괜찮아 우린 그저 스치는 계절 같은 것

어떤 나는 널 사랑하다
밤새워 너와 세상을 나누고
어떤 너는 날 사랑이라
부르며 날 꼭 안아줬어

너와의 이별이 처음이라 어쩔 줄을 몰라서
널 꿈꾸다 널 부숴 의미 없단 걸 알지만

어떤 날엔 널 미워하다
널 사랑했던 날 잊어버리고
어떤 날엔 널 그리다가
버티지 못한 날 미워해

아 조금 더 널 안아줄 걸 그랬나
아 우리였던 많은 게 변해가
아 조금 더 널 알아줄 걸 그랬나
아 서툴었던 건 네가 아닌 나야

널 만난 봄 울었던 겨울 이제 모두 사라져
괜찮아 우린 그저 스치는 계절 같은 것


oeroumeul ne taseuro dolliryeoda marasseo
honjain bame neol silpaehan iyureul saenggakhae

naui gyeoteul jikyeojudeon neoneun ije eopsjiman
gwaenchanha urin geujeo seuchineun gyejeol gateun geos

eotteon naneun neol saranghada
bamsaewo neowa sesangeul nanugo
eotteon neoneun nal sarangira
bureumyeo nal kkok anajwosseo

neowaui ibyeori cheoeumira eojjeol jureul mollaseo
neol kkumkkuda neol buswo uimi eopsdan geol aljiman

eotteon naren neol miwohada
neol saranghaessdeon nal ijeobeorigo
eotteon naren neol geuridaga
beotiji moshan nal miwohae

a jogeum deo neol anajul geol geuraessna
a uriyeossdeon manheun ge byeonhaega
a jogeum deo neol arajul geol geuraessna
a seotureossdeon geon nega anin naya

neol mannan bom ureossdeon gyeoul ije modu sarajyeo
gwaenchanha urin geujeo seuchineun gyejeol gateun geot


I tried to blame my loneliness on you
On nights when I'm alone, I think about why I failed you

You who used to protect me are no longer there
It's okay, we're just like passing seasons

some i love you
I share the world with you all night long
Somehow you love me
He called me and hugged me tightly

Because it’s my first time breaking up with you, I don’t know what to do
I dreamed of you and then I broke you, I know it’s meaningless

Some days I hate you
Forget the day I loved you
Some days I draw you
I hate myself for not being able to endure it

Ah, maybe I should have hugged you a little more
Oh, a lot of things that were us are changing
Ah, maybe I should have known you a little more
Ah, it was me who was clumsy, not you.

The spring I met you, the winter I cried, now it's all gone
It's okay, we're just like passing seasons

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