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Big Bang - Love Club


* We gettin` down – in the club
all my fella all my girls
ay! ay! what`s up my baby!

Love`s all around – in the club
now you`ve stepped into my world
go all the way don`t stop it baby!

my eyes are likin` what they`re seein`
and my heart is poundin` out my body who`s that beauty queen?
uh, I see the two of us – being so true, no rush(hey)
can`t no on-e ever wash this fire fire burnin` up!

Wanna wine`n dine you girl
gently kiss you baby girl
(you blow my mind, that`s world! – that`s everytime, ya heard?)
and it`s oh so lovely, see?
never let go comfort me, yeah…
(for on-ly you, I yearn)

(ohhh G-D!) We at the dance floor(wait a minute!)
y`all know my flow(make ya wit it!)
huh, kick out the sounds and melodies
getcah boogie down at the l-o-v-e club
when you wanna go way up
you know-we know, no time to flake up
and she`s down wit dat shakin` on
straight rollin` rollin` rollin`
here we go!


Black, brown, white no need for bein` particular
just get with this
you can do whatchu want for sure
move your rump, gotta putcha moves up front, oh yeah
and on-ce you get it you`re like fire fire burnin` up!

Really glad I found you girl
you surely better my world
(your so damn fine, that`s word! – on-e of a kine, ya heard?)
to the end we`ll go, you see?
love is all for you and me, yeah…
(for on-ly you, I yearn)

Lemme tell y`all(T-O-P!)
let`s do dat thang, you my shawty shawty
the perfect time for some ladi-dadi
see it`s on it`s on till that early morn
baby you my boo, I gotta say YO!
always on my mind, love how you do
the way you put it on me oh so – witty and true
you the on-e, that`s it, that`s all
oh yes yes y`all – so serious baby!


Oh whoa- aint another can do whatchu do
you know I`m totally for you
when there`s haters in the way,
the can`t stop this love, we got soo much baby


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