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Miss A - One Step (한걸음)


왠지 이상해 온 몸에 힘이 풀려
바람 빠진 풍선처럼

정말 이상해 아무리 투닥거려봐도
너로 가득한 맘

I don’t like easy come, easy go
쉽고 쉬운 너의 말투에
Don’t know why
더 지쳐가는 내가 보이니

자꾸 나를 보채지는마
서둘러서 먼저 가지마
천천히 스며들어 You&I

한 걸음씩 앞서지마
한 걸음만 내 뒤에 서서
묵묵히 날 바라봐 줄 수는 없니

한 걸음씩 발 맞춰가
한 걸음만 날 돌아봐줘
내 맘이 너에게 전해질 수 있게

나 혼자서는 괜시리 허전해져
파도 없는 바다처럼 U should know I want

둘이 아니면 아무런 의미 없어
바늘 없는 시계처럼

I don’t like easy come, easy go
쉽고 쉬운 사랑 표현이
Don’t know why
입버릇처럼 익숙해 보여

자꾸 나를 강요 하진마
답을 정해 놓고 묻지마
천천히 스며들어 You&I

헝클어진 퍼즐조각을 맞춰가듯
우리 그림을 그려봐 You in my dream

내가 꿈꾼 사랑은 어릴 때부터
둘이서 꿈처럼 느리게 타는 Roller coaster
급히 서둘러 도착한 끝보다
끝없는 레일처럼 끝나지 않는 둘


waenji isanghae on mome himi pullyeo
baram ppajin pungseoncheoreom

jeongmal isanghae amuri tudaggeolyeobwado
neoro gadeughan mam

I don’t like easy come, easy go
swibgo swiun neoui maltue
Don’t know why
deo jichyeoganeun naega boini

jakku nareul bochaejineunma
seodulleoseo meonjeo gajima
cheoncheonhi seumyeodeureo You&I

han georeumssig apseojima
han georeumman nae dwie seoseo
mugmughi nal barabwa jul suneun eobni

han georeumssig bal majchwoga
han georeumman nal dorabwajwo
nae mami neoege jeonhaejil su itge

na honjaseoneun gwaensili heojeonhaejyeo
pado eobneun badacheoleom U should know I want

duri animyeon amureon uimi eobseo
baneul eobneun sigyecheoreom

I don’t like easy come, easy go
swibgo swiun sarang pyohyeoni
Don’t know why
ibbeoreutcheoreom igsughae boyeo

jakku nareul gangyo hajinma
dabeul jeonghae nohgo mudjima
cheoncheonhi seumyeodeul-eo You&I

heongkeul-eojin peojeuljogag-eul majchwogadeus
uli geulim-eul geulyeobwa You in my dream

naega kkumkkun salang-eun eolil ttaebuteo
dul-iseo kkumcheoleom neulige taneun Roller coaster
geubhi seodulleo dochaghan kkeutboda
kkeut-eobsneun leilcheoleom kkeutnaji anhneun dul


It feels strange, my entire body is losing strength
Like a popped balloon

It’s really strange, no matter how much I argue
My heart is filled with you

I don’t like easy come, easy go
Your words are so easy
Don’t know why
Can you see me getting tired?

Stop rushing me
Don’t be in a rush and go first
Slowly come into me, you & I

Don’t take a step forward
Can’t you take a step from behind
And silently look at me?

Step with me one step at a time
Turn back and take a step
So my heart can reach yours

I feel empty when I’m alone
Like an ocean without waves, you should know I want

If it’s not the two of us, there’s no point
Like a clock without hands

I don’t like easy come, easy go
You express love so easily
Don’t know why
Like a habit, so familiar

Stop forcing me
Don’t ask when you already have an answer decided
Slowly come into me, you & I

Like putting together a jumbled puzzle
Let’s draw our picture, you in my dream

The love I’ve dreamed of since I was young
Slowly riding a rollercoaster together like a dream
Instead of rushing and getting to the end
Like an endless rail, we won’t end

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