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Girls' Generation-TTS (TaeTiSeo) - Dear Santa


(Oh~) Woah yeah~ (Oh~) Oooh~
No~ (Oh~) Ooh~ (Oh~)
Ooh~ Oooh~


Dear Santa
내 얘길 들어줘요
나 간절하게 원하고 있죠
그의 맘도 같기를

What about us?
설레였던 너와 나
이젠 조금 더 가까워지길
오늘 내게 와줘요
What about us?
우리 함께 보내는
하얀 Christmas가 오길
기다리고 있어

Let’s go! Come on, girls!

두근거리는 마음으로
새하얀 옷을 입고
알록달록한 트리 불빛 아래
반짝이는 거리로
귓가엔 맑은 종소리 
걸음마다 미소만
오늘은 왠지 좋은 예감이
설레는 Christmas time

밤새워 Santa를 기다리던
어린 날 마주한 느낌에
혹시 그대 몰래 올 것 같아
돌아보곤 해

오늘밤 매일 꿈꿔온
고백을 받고 싶어

바로 그 순간 흰 눈이 내리면
상상 속의 Christmas time

Let’s hear it, Santa!
Here we go! Come on!

사랑스런 웃음소리
살짝 얹은 멜로디

거리의 별이 춤을 추는 밤
잊지 못할 Christmas time

몰래 달콤하게 다가와
내 어깨를 두드린 향기에
선물처럼 기다린 한 사람
그대가 보여

수줍게 마주 선 순간 
그대가 내민 두 손
따스한 그대 손을 잡고
함께 걸으며 하늘 바라보니

저 하늘 가득히
내 마음 가득히
하얀 눈이 내려와
꿈만 같은 Christmas time (oh~)

Oh, Christmas time


(Oh~) Woah yeah~ (Oh~) Oooh~
No~ (Oh~) Ooh~ (Oh~)
Ooh~ Oooh~


Dear Santa
nae yaegil deureojwoyo
na ganjeolhage wonhago itjyo
geuui mamdo gatgireul

What about us?
seolleyeotdeon neowa na
ijen jogeum deo gakkawojigil
oneul naege wajwoyo
What about us?
uri hamkke bonaeneun
hayan Christmas-ga ogil
gidarigo isseo

Let’s go! Come on, girls!

dugeungeorineun maeumeuro
saehayan oseul ipgo
allokdallokhan teuri bulbit arae
banjjagineun georiro
gwitgaen malkeun jongsori 
georeummada misoman
oneureun waenji joheun yegami
seolleneun Christmas time

bamsaewo Santareul gidarideon
eorin nal majuhan neukkime
hoksi geudae mollae ol geot gata 
dorabogon hae

oneulbam maeil kkumkkwoon 
gobaegeul batgo sipeo
baro geu sungan huin nuni naerimyeon
sangsang sogui Christmas time

Let’s hear it, Santa!
Here we go! Come on!

sarangseureon useumsori 
saljjak eonjeun mellodi
georiui byeori chumeul chuneun bam
itji mothal Christmas time

mollae dalkomhage dagawa
nae eokkaereul dudeurin hyanggie
seonmulcheoreom gidarin han saram
geudaega boyeo

sujupge maju seon sungan 
geudaega naemin du son
ttaseuhan geudae soneul japgo
hamkke georeumyeo haneul baraboni

jeo haneul gadeukhi
nae maeum gadeukhi
hayan nuni naeryeowa
kkumman gateun Christmas time (oh~)

Oh, Christmas time


(Oh~) Woah yeah~ (Oh~) Oooh~
No~ (Oh~) Ooh~ (Oh~)
Ooh~ Oooh~


Dear Santa
Listen to my story
I’m wanting it desperately
For their heart to be the same as mine

What about us?
You and I made my heart flutter
Hope we’ll be a bit closer
Come to me today
What about us?
For us to spend together
For a white Christmas to come,
I’m waiting

Let’s go! Come on girls!

With a beating heart
Wearing white clothes
Under the colourful tree lights
To the sparkling streets
Clean bell sounds by my ear,
smile with each step
I have a good feeling about today
Christmas time that makes my heart flutter

Waiting for Santa all night
This feeling of greeting a young day
I feel like you will secretly come to me
So I turned around to look

What I’ve been dreaming of every day,
I want to receive a confession tonight
In that moment, if white snow falls
It’ll be the Christmas of my imagination

Let’s hear it, Santa!
Here we go! Come on!

Lovely sound of laughter,
slight melody on top
Night of dancing stars on the street
Unforgettable Christmas time

You approach me secretly and sweetly
At the scent that grazes my shoulder
One person who I’ve been waiting for like a present
I can see you

The moment we shyly stand facing each other
The two hands you hold out
Holding your warm hand
We walk together and look at the sky

Full in that sky
Full in my heart
White snow is falling
Dream-like Christmas time

Oh, Christmas time

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