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Kim Feel - Seongbukdong (성북동)


아침에 일어나
창을 열고서

매일이 그렇듯 기지개를 펴고
물을 마셔

어느 하나 특별할 것 없는
내 하루가 또 시작되나 봐

오늘은 유난히 해가 좋아서
미뤄둔 빨래를
하려던 맘 금세 접고서

널브러진 옷을 챙겨 입고
뚜벅뚜벅 이방을 나서네

성북동 그 어귀에
너와 가던 찻집을 들르고

둘이서 자주 듣던
이 노래를 흥얼거리네

오래된 인연이
다 그렇듯이

새로운 사랑을 시작하면
널 잊을까 봐

여길 다시 난 찾아왔나 봐
혹시 너를 우연히 만날까


성북동 그 어귀에
너와 걷던 공원을 걸으며

둘이서 자주 듣던
이 노래를 흥얼거리네

잊은 줄 알았던
예쁜 기억들은

온통 날 흔들어
다시 나를 눈물짓게 해

성북동 그 어귀에
마주 앉아 추억을 남겼던

이곳에 나 혼자서
이 노래를 흥얼거리네

I get up in the morning
And open the window

Like always, I stretch
And drink water

A day that’s nothing special
Is about to start

The sun is shining brighter today
So I decided to do laundry
That I’ve been pushing back

I wore old clothes
And stepped out this room

I stopped by the tea shop that we used to go to
In that corner of Seongbukdong

I’m humming the song
That we used to listen to a lot

As if all old loves are like that

I’m afraid I’ll forget you
If I start a new love

So I came here again
In hopes that I’ll see you again

I walked through the park that we used to walk in
In that corner of Seongbukdong

I’m humming the song
That we used to listen to a lot

Pretty memories that I thought I forgot about

They shake me up
Making me tear again

The place we sat across each other and left memories
In that corner of Seongbukdong

Alone I’m here
Humming this song

achime ireona
changeul yeolgoseo

maeiri geureohdeut gijigaereul pyeogo
mureul masyeo

eoneu hana teukbyeolhal geot eopsneun
nae haruga tto sijakdoena bwa

oneureun yunanhi haega johaseo
mirwodun ppallaereul
haryeodeon mam geumse jeopgoseo

neolbeureojin oseul chaenggyeo ipgo
ttubeokttubeok ibangeul naseone

seongbukdong geu eogwie
neowa gadeon chasjibeul deulleugo

duriseo jaju deutdeon
i noraereul heungeolgeorine

oraedoen inyeoni
da geureohdeusi

saeroun sarangeul sijakhamyeon
neol ijeulkka bwa

yeogil dasi nan chajawassna bwa
hoksi neoreul uyeonhi mannalkka

seongbukdong geu eogwie
neowa geotdeon gongwoneul georeumyeo

duriseo jaju deutdeon
i noraereul heungeolgeorine

ijeun jul arassdeon
yeppeun gieokdeureun

ontong nal heundeureo
dasi nareul nunmuljisge hae

seongbukdong geu eogwie
maju anja chueogeul namgyeossdeon

igose na honjaseo
i noraereul heungeolgeorine

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