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VIXX - Thank You For Being Born/Thank You For My Love (태어나줘서 고마워)


하루종일 나를 괜히 미워했겠지
아직도 넌 나를 몰라바보


일년에 딱 한번뿐인 너의 생일
잊을리가 있겠어

내맘 그동안 표현못해서 미안해
쑥스러웠나봐 사랑한단 말
두 눈을 감아줄래

축하해 Happy birthday to my love
십년이 지나도 하루가 지난것처럼
변하지를 않기를 매일 설레기를
나는 약속해

고마워 너무 Thank you for my love
너 태어나줘서 오늘 이렇게 내게 와줘서
널 만난 건 내게 큰 행운이야
자 이제 촛불을 꺼줄래 My love

내가 해줄 수 있는 건 하나뿐이야
널 더 사랑하는 일

가끔 널 아프게 할때도 있겠지만
이거 하나만은 꼭 알아줄래
늘 지금처럼 너를

사랑해 You’re my everything to me
십년이 지나도 하루가 지난 것처럼
변하지 않기를 매일 설레기를
나는 약속해 My love

아직도 꿈만 같은 걸
천사 같은 사람이
날 보며 웃어 이렇게

사랑해 셀수 없이 외쳐도
늘 부족한 그 말

혼자서 외롭고 힘든날들
우리 함께라면 두려울 게 없을거야
넘치고 넘쳐서
감당안될 일만 전부 줄거야

고마워 너무 Thank you for my love
너 태어나줘서 그리고 내곁에 있어줘서
널 만나서 다시 난 태어난거야
자 이제 이 반지껴줄래 My love


harujongil nareul gwaenhi miwohaetgetji
ajikdo neon nareul mollababo


illyeone ttak hanbeonppunin neoui saengil
ijeulliga itgesseo

naemam geudongan pyohyeonmotaeseo mianhae
ssukseureowonnabwa saranghandan mal
du nuneul gamajullae

[K/All] chukhahae Happy birthday to my love
[K/All] simnyeoni jinado haruga jinangeotcheoreom
[K/All] byeonhajireul ankireul maeil seollegireul
naneun yaksokhae

[L/All] gomawo neomu Thank you for my love
[L/All] neo taeeonajwoseo oneul ireoke naege wajwoseo
[L/All] neol mannan geon naege keun haenguniya
ja ije chotbureul kkeojullae My love

naega haejul su inneun geon hanappuniya
neol deo saranghaneun il

gakkeum [N/All] neol apeuge halttaedo itgetjiman
[N/All] igeo hanamaneun kkok arajullae
neul jigeumcheoreom neoreul

[K/All] saranghae You’’re my everything to me
[K/All] simnyeoni jinado haruga jinan geotcheoreom
[K/All] byeonhaji ankireul maeil seollegireul
naneun yaksokhae My love

ajikdo kkumman gateun geol
cheonsa gateun sarami
nal bomyeo useo ireoke

saranghae selsu eobsi oechyeodo
neul bujokhan geu mal

[K/All] honjaseo oeropgo himdeunnaldeul
[K/All] uri hamkkeramyeon duryeoul ge eobseulgeoya
[K/All] neomchigo neomchyeoseo
[K/All] gamdangandoel ilman jeonbu julgeoya

gomawo neomu Thank you for my love
neo taeeonajwoseo geurigo naegyeote isseojwoseo
neol mannaseo dasi nan taeeonangeoya
ja ije i banjikkyeojullae My love


You probably hated me all day
You still don’t know me, stupid


Your birthday comes only once a year
How could I forget?

I’m sorry I couldn’t express my heart for all this time
I guess I was too shy to say I love you
Will you close your eyes?

Congratulations, happy birthday to my love
I won’t change,
I’ll make your heart race every day
I promise you

Thank you so much, thank you for my love
For being born today, for coming to me
Meeting you was a great fortune in my life
Now blow out the candles, my love

The only thing I can do is
To love you even more

There might be times when I hurt you
But please know this one thing
Just like always, just like now

I love you, you’re my everything to me
Even after ten years, it’ll be like only one day has passed
I won’t change, I’ll make your heart race every day
I promise you, my love

It still feels like a dream
An angel is looking at me and smiling
Like this

Even if I yell I love you endlessly
It’s not enough

Lonely and hard days
Won’t be scary if we’re together
I’ll give you things
That always overflow

Thank you so much, Thank you for my love
For being born, for being by my side
I am born again because I met you
Now will you put this ring on? My love

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