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MoonMoon (문문) - Marriage (결혼)


결혼에 대하여
예쁜 단어를 골라
예쁜 칭찬을 하고
예쁜 밤을 만들 것

결혼에 대하여
좋은 사람을 만나
좋은 사랑을 하고
좋은 집을 갖는 것

나 그게 어려워 혼자
TV를 트나 봐 편한
옷을 입고 나가 독한
소주를 사나 봐 혼자

남산에 가나 봐 혼자
한강을 걷나 봐 혼자
저녁을 먹나 봐 뭔가
다 어려우니까

쓰다 남은 위로라면 그냥 지나가도 돼
사랑 없이 사는 것도 들먹이진 말아줘
나를 보면 지금보다 울먹이지 말도록
혼자 먹는 저녁 말고

사랑 너머에 관하여
가끔 나쁜 얼굴에 각진 단어를 골라
아프게 말하고

남이 되잖아요
내 마음은 그래
나 그게 두려워
나 그게 어려워

TV나 보는 중
TV나 보는 중
TV나 보는 중

Marriage is about
Picking pretty words
Saying pretty compliments
And making a pretty night

Marriage is about
Meeting a good person
Having a good love
And buying a good house

But that’s hard for me
So I’m just turning on the TV by myself
Going outside in comfortable clothes
Buying strong alcohol by myself

So I’m going to Namsan by myself
I’m walking along Han River by myself
I’m eating dinner because
It’s all too hard

If you only have used up words of comfort, you can just pass by
Don’t criticize me for living without love
Don’t feel bad for me right now
Except when I eat dinner alone

About love and what’s after that
Sometimes, you make bad faces and pointy words
Saying hurtful things

Then you become strangers
So this is how I feel
I’m afraid of that
That’s hard for me

So I’m just watching TV
So I’m just watching TV
So I’m just watching TV

gyeolhone daehayeo
yeppeun daneoreul golla
yeppeun chingchaneul hago
yeppeun bameul mandeul geos

gyeolhone daehayeo
joheun sarameul manna
joheun sarangeul hago
joheun jibeul gajneun geos

na geuge eoryeowo honja
TVreul teuna bwa pyeonhan
oseul ipgo naga dokhan
sojureul sana bwa honja

namsane gana bwa honja
hangangeul geotna bwa honja
jeonyeogeul meokna bwa mwonga
da eoryeounikka

sseuda nameun wiroramyeon geunyang jinagado dwae
sarang eopsi saneun geosdo deulmeogijin marajwo
nareul bomyeon jigeumboda ulmeogiji maldorok
honja meokneun jeonyeok malgo

sarang neomeoe gwanhayeo
gakkeum nappeun eolgure gakjin daneoreul golla
apeuge malhago

nami doejanhayo
nae maeumeun geurae
na geuge duryeowo
na geuge eoryeowo

TVna boneun jung
TVna boneun jung
TVna boneun jung

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