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Lyn - Mama’s Dream (엄마의 꿈)


엄마의 꿈은 뭐 였어
소녀로 살던 시절에
누구보다 예쁜 아이였겠지
푸르던 날에 태어나
나처럼 어른이 되고
그때까지 어떤 꿈을 품어냈을까

엄마 난 미안해
이제 와서 그게 궁금해
소중했을 꿈을 묻지도 못했던 게
처음부터 그냥 내 엄마로
태어난 게 아닐 텐데
묻고 싶어 엄마이기 전에
꼭 지키고 싶었을 꿈

사는 게 조금 팍팍해
살수록 모두 어려워
누구보다 잘해내고 싶은 맘인데

엄마 난 잘 안돼
어른으로 살아가는 일
이런 맘의 병도 엄마 웃음으로 나아
아픈 데 없이 건강하게
오래 오래 곁에 있어
그거면 돼 내가 원하는 건
그것 하나야

헤어짐의 시간이 다가온단
그 생각만으로 맘이 아려요
일초라도 붙잡고 싶어
어쩌면 엄마는 내 행복만을 바라다
하얀 새처럼 날아가 버릴 텐데

미안해요 이제 와서
새삼스레 꿈을 묻는 게
지난 얘기라며 잊었다지만
심었던 꿈이 내게 와서 꽃을 피우게
내가 더 잘 살게요 엄마


eommaui kkumeun mwo yeosseo
sonyeoro saldeon sijeore
nuguboda yeppeun aiyeossgessji
pureudeon nare taeeona
nacheoreom eoreuni doego
geuttaekkaji eotteon kkumeul pumeonaesseulkka

eomma nan mianhae
ije waseo geuge gunggeumhae
sojunghaesseul kkumeul mutjido moshaessdeon ge
cheoeumbuteo geunyang nae eommaro
taeeonan ge anil tende
mutgo sipeo eommaigi jeone
kkok jikigo sipeosseul kkum

saneun ge jogeum pakpakhae
salsurok modu eoryeowo
nuguboda jalhaenaego sipeun maminde

eomma nan jal andwae
eoreuneuro saraganeun il
ireon mamui byeongdo eomma useumeuro naa
apeun de eopsi geonganghage
orae orae gyeote isseo
geugeomyeon dwae naega wonhaneun geon
geugeot hanaya

heeojimui sigani dagaondan
geu saenggakmaneuro mami aryeoyo
ilchorado butjapgo sipeo
eojjeomyeon eommaneun nae haengbokmaneul barada
hayan saecheoreom naraga beoril tende

mianhaeyo ije waseo
saesamseure kkumeul mutneun ge
jinan yaegiramyeo ijeossdajiman
simeossdeon kkumi naege waseo kkocceul piuge
naega deo jal salgeyo eomma


What was your mother's dream?
As a girl
She was a pretty child.
Born on a green day.
Become an adult like me
What dreams had you had until then?

Mom, I'm sorry.
Now I wonder
I never asked for a dream that would have been precious.
Just from the beginning to my mom
I would not be born.
I want to ask before I become a mother
I wanted to keep my dreams

It's a little hard to live.
The more we live, the harder it is.
I want to do better than anyone.

Mom, I'm not doing well.
An adult
This kind of mental illness is better with mommy laughter.
Be healthy without pain
He's been around for a long time.
That's all I want.
It's one.

It's time for separation.
I can feel it just by thinking.
I want to hold on for a second.
Maybe my mother wants my happiness.
I would fly like a white bird.

I'm sorry.
I am asking for my dream
I forgot I told you about the past
The dream that I planted comes to me and makes me bloom.
I'll buy you better. Mom

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