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Jun.K (2PM) - Real Love (Feat. Lang Lang)


愛なんて 口に出せば 壊れてしまう ガラスみたいに…
きっと僕は 君が想うよりずっと
脆く 弱い男さ 会うたびとても 怖くなるんだ
愛しただけ 愛されたくなるのさ

どうすれば どうすれば 何も望まなくなるの
その笑顔 触れた頬 僕を見てるのに

I just wanna feel Real Love 苦しい Real Love
君を守ること 不安を消すこと まだもっともっとあるけど
心が Real Love 折れてもいい Real Love
そう思うのは 君しかない Baby you you Baby you you

Woo… ただひとり ただひとり この世でたったひとり Ah…
運命は ひとつだけ 君も気付いてる

言葉は Real Love 要らない Real Love
泣いたその顔も 僕のつたなさも 伝え合っていけばいい
溢れる Real Love 溢れる Real Love
信じている 信じられるよ Baby you you Baby you you
Baby you Baby you I don’t wanna say no more… Baby you


Ainante-guchi ni daseba kowarete shimau garasu mitai ni…
Kitto boku wa kimi ga omou yori zutto
Moroku yowai otoko sa au tabi totemo kowaku naru nda
Ai shita dake aisa retaku naru no sa

Dōsureba dōsureba nani mo nozomanaku naru no
Sono egao fureta hoho boku o mi terunoni

I just wanna feel Real Love kurushī real love
Kimi o mamoru koto fuan o kesu koto mada motto motto arukedo
Kokoro ga riarurabu orete mo ī  real love
Sō omou no wa kimi shika nai baby you you baby you you

Woo… tada hitori tada hitori konoyo de tatta hitori Ah…
Unmei wa hitotsu dake kimi mo kidzui teru

Kotoba wa real love iranai real love
Naita so no kao mo boku no tsutana-sa mo tsutae atte ikeba ī
Afureru real love afureru real love
Shinjite iru shinji rareru yo baby you you baby you you
Baby you Baby you I don’t wanna say no more… Baby you


Just saying the word love makes me break  Like glass…
I must surely love you more than you think
I’m a fragile and weak man  I become frightened whenever we meet
Just having loved you makes me want to be loved

What to do  What to do  I don’t want to wish for anything anymore
That smile when I touched your cheek  Even though you’re looking at me

I just wanna feel Real Love  Crippling Real Love
To protect you  To rid you of your worries  Although there’s so much more
In my heart is Real Love  It’s alright even if it breaks me, Real Love
These feelings I have only for you  Baby you you  Baby you you

Woo… I’m all alone  I’m all alone  I’m all alone in this world  Ah…
There’s only one destiny  You realize it too

Words are Real Love  Needless Real Love
Your face when you cried, my tactlessness  If only we could match our feelings
Overflowing Real Love  Overflowing Real Love
I believe in you  You can believe in me  Baby you you Baby you you
Baby you Baby you I don’t wanna say no more… Baby you

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