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Nell - White Night (백야)


난 오늘도 이렇게 내 안에 남겨진 너의 조각들과
또 사랑에 빠지고 다시 이별을 하지.
넌 어떤지.

난 니가 필요해.
널 지우려 할 때 마다 모든게 무너져내려 송두리째.
끝없는 시간에, 이 모든 공간에
짙게 물든 너의 그 숨결만이 가득해.

난 오늘도 이렇게 내 안에 남겨진 약속의 조각들. 기억의 흔적들.
애써 맞춰가며 또 하루를 보내.
넌 어떤지.

I can’t get over you.
you just keep shining on and on through my time.

난 니가 필요해.
너를 떠올릴 때 마다 그 시간이 얼어붙어 송두리째.
노력해도 안돼. 내가 숨을 쉴 때 마다 너의 기억이 내게 말을 거는듯해.

남겨지는 것도, 떠나 보내는 것도 모두 내 몫이겠지.
마치 영화처럼, 거짓말인 것처럼 돌아올리 없겠지.

Come back to me.


nan oneuldo ireoke nae ane namgyeojin neoui jogakdeulgwa
tto sarange ppajigo dasi ibyeoreul haji.
neon eotteonji.

nan niga pillyohae.
neol jiuryeo hal ttae mada modeunge muneojyeonaeryeo songdurijjae.
kkeuteomneun sigane, i modeun gonggane
jitge muldeun neoui geu sumgyeolmani gadeukhae.

nan oneuldo ireoke nae ane namgyeojin yaksogui jogakdeul. gieogui heunjeokdeul.
aesseo matchwogamyeo tto harureul bonae.
neon eotteonji.

I can’t get over you.
you just keep shining on and on through my time.

nan niga pillyohae.
neoreul tteoollil ttae mada geu sigani eoreobuteo songdurijjae.
noryeokhaedo andwae. naega sumeul swil ttae mada neoui gieogi naege mareul geoneundeutae.

namgyeojineun geotdo, tteona bonaeneun geotdo modu nae mogsigetji.
machi yeonghwacheoreom, geojitmarin geotcheoreom doraolli eopgetji.

Come back to me


Again today, I fall in love and say farewell
To the remaining pieces of you inside of me
How about you?

I need you
Each time I try to erase you, everything completely breaks down
In this endless time, in all of this space
Your thickly colored breaths are filled up

Again today, I take the remaining pieces of promises, traces of memories
And I try to put them together all day
How about you?

I can’t get over you.
You just keep shining on and on through my time.

I need you
Each time I think of you, that time completely freezes up
It’s no use even though I try
Each time I breathe, it seems like your memories are speaking to me

All the remaining things, all the things I let you – they are all in my portion
I can’t turn things back like in the movies, like it was a lie

Come back to me.

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