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Nell - History of Silence (침묵의 역사 )


사실은 그게 아니라고
홧김에 그냥 한번 해 본 얘기라고
웃어넘길 수 없겠냐고
말해주길 바랬지

사실 정확히 반대라고
솔직히 너도 내 맘 다 알고 있지 않냐고
붙잡아 주길 바란다고 말해주길 바랬지

하지만 이미 넌 꽤 오랜 동안 준비해 온 듯 해
니 안엔 더 이상 내가 머물 곳 따윈 없는 듯해

좀 지쳤던 것뿐이라고
누구나 가끔 그럴 때가 있지 않냐고
위로해 주면 안되냐고 말해주길 바랬지

아직도 잘 모르겠냐고
조금 더 안아주길 바란 것뿐이라고
그렇게 해 줄 수 없겠냐고 말해주길 바랬지

이제와 이런 생각 쓸데 없단 걸 알지만
미리, 조금이라도 미리 알았더라면
지금과는 좀 달라졌을까
달라지긴 했을까
니가 아니면 안 된다고
너무 흔한 말이라 조금 그렇긴 해도
머물러 주길 바란다고 말해 볼 걸 그랬지


sasireun geuge anirago
hwatgime geunyang hanbeon hae bon yaegirago
useoneomgil su eopgennyago
malhaejugil baraetji

sasil jeonghwakhi bandaerago
soljikhi neodo nae mam da algo itji annnyago
butjaba jugil barandago malhaejugil baraetji

hajiman imi neon kkwae oraen dongan junbihae on deut hae
ni anen deo isang naega meomul got ttawin eomneun deutae

jom jichyeotdeon geotppunirago
nuguna gakkeum geureol ttaega itji annnyago
wirohae jumyeon andoenyago malhaejugil baraetji

ajikdo jal moreugennyago
jogeum deo anajugil baran geotppunirago
geureoke hae jul su eopgennyago malhaejugil baraetji

ijewa ireon saenggak sseulde eopdan geol aljiman
miri, jogeumirado miri aratdeoramyeon
jigeumgwaneun jom dallajyeosseulkka
dallajigin haesseulkka
niga animyeon an doendago
neomu heunhan marira jogeum geureokin haedo
meomulleo jugil barandago malhae bol geol geuraetji


Actually, it’s not like that
I just said tha out of anger
Can’t we just laugh it over?
That’s what I hoped you would say

Actually, it’s the other way around
Honestly, don’t you know how I feel?
I want you to hold onto me
That’s what I hoped you would say

But it seems like you’ve been preparing this for a while
Seems like there’s no place for me in your heart anymore

I’m just a little tired
Everyone goes through this
Can’t you just comfort me?
That’s what I hoped you would say

Do you still not know?
I just want you to hug me more
Can’t you do that for me?
That’s what I hoped you would say

I know it’s useless to think this now
But if only I knew this a little earlier
Would things be different now?
I can’t go on if it’s not you
Even if they are common words
I should’ve said that I wanted you to stay

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