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KARA - Lost (Nicole solo featuring 2AM's Jin-woon)


창 밖으론 하나둘씩 불이 꺼져가
어둠속에 난 어느덧 익숙해져가
버릴수 없는 기억 속 너를 잡고서
오늘도…눈물과 다투고 있어

걸어가는 곳마다 나는 너를 보게돼
니 흔적 니 향기 너의 그 손길
아련하게 다가와 다시 진하게 또 번져가
처음봤던 그때처럼

여전해 그대론가봐
니가 내게 준게 너무나도 많아
어디든 추억이 있어
아직은 혼자가 낯설어서 난
널 찾게돼

어느샌가 하루 이틀 날이 넘어가
작은 방에 난 시간을 붙잡고있어
언제부턴지 이 곳에 나를 가두고
지금껏…나 혼자 멈춰서 있어

바라보는 곳마다 니가 곁에 서있어
그 시절 그 모습 그때 그대로
사라질까 두려워 다시 기억 속에 묻혀가
아직도 난 바보처럼

One shot two shot
I remember those eyes
어긋낫나봐 please tell me why
One shot two shot
Fates pulling the lines
거짓말 flashback
I remember those eyes

아마도 그런건가봐
내가 못해준게 너무나도 많아
너에게 미련이 남아
이렇게라도 난 채워보려고
널 찾게돼


chang bakkeuron hanadulssik buri kkeojyeoga
eodumsoge nan eoneudeot iksukhaejyeoga
beorilsu eomneun gieok sok neoreul japgoseo
oneuldo…nunmulgwa datugo isseo

georeoganeun gotmada naneun neoreul bogedwae
ni heunjeok ni hyanggi neoui geu songil
aryeonhage dagawa dasi jinhage tto beonjyeoga
cheoeumbwatdeon geuttaecheoreom

yeojeonhae geudaerongabwa
niga naege junge neomunado manha
eodideun chueogi isseo
ajigeun honjaga natseoreoseo nan
neol chatgedwae

eoneusaenga haru iteul nari neomeoga
jageun bange nan siganeul butjapgoisseo
eonjebuteonji i gose nareul gadugo
jigeumkkeot…na honja meomchwoseo isseo

baraboneun gotmada niga gyeote seoisseo
geu sijeol geu moseup geuttae geudaero
sarajilkka duryeowo dasi gieok soge mutyeoga
ajikdo nan babocheoreom

One shot two shot
I remember those eyes
eogeutnatnabwa please tell me why
One shot two shot
Fates pulling the lines
geojitmal flashback
I remember those eyes

amado geureongeongabwa
naega motaejunge neomunado manha
neoege miryeoni nama
ireokerado nan chaewoboryeogo
neol chatgedwae


Outside the window, the lights turn off one by one
At some point, I’ve grown used to the darkness
I hold onto you in the memories that I can’t throw away
Again today, I am fighting with my tears

Everywhere I walk, I see you
Your traces, your scent, that touch of yours
It comes to me faintly and thickly spreads
Just like when I first saw you

* I’m still the same
There’s so much that you gave to me
Anywhere I go, memories are there
I think I miss you
I’m still not used to being alone
So I look for you

At some point, one day, two days pass
I am holding onto the time in my small room
I don’t know since when but I trap myself here
For all this time, I have stopped here alone

Everywhere I look, you are standing next to me
Those times, that image, just like back then
I’m scared it might disappear so I bury them in my memories
Still, like a fool

* Repeat

One shot two shot
I remember those eyes
I guess we went different ways, please tell me why
One shot two shot
Fates pulling the lines
Lies flashback
I remember those eyes

I guess that’s how it is
There’s so much I couldn’t do for you
So I have this lingering attachment to you
I guess it calls to me
I try to fill myself up with you like this
So I look for you

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