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Gain (Brown Eyed Girls) - Meet Her (그녀를 만나)


get out and let go

이제는 눈을 돌려봐
내가 조금 지쳐가잖아
so let go, let me go, 자 이제 그만 나를 놓아줘

이런 말 꺼내기엔 너무
로맨틱한 오후
넌 내꺼 내꺼 외치던 나는
오래전 죽었나봐

생각은 나겠지
꿈을 꾸듯 끌렸었던 너였지
불꽃처럼 짧았던 멜로, 멜로
너만 바라보는
그녈 찾아 떠나 가 hello hello

이런 내가 너무 너무 밉겠지
oh let go, let go, let go
이젠 나를 놓고 그녀를 만나
나를 놔

기억도 나질 않잖아
어제 우리 뭘 했는지도
so let go, let me go, 여기까지가 다인 것 같아

조금 더 기다리긴 너무
따분한 이 오후
숨막힐, 막힐 더위 같은 너를
벗어나고 싶어 난


잔인할수록 너와 나를 위하는 거
미련을 안고 맴돌게 만들긴 싫어

그럴 수 있겠지
취한 밤에 전활 건 내 목소리
뒤엉킨 혀 끝으로 헬로, 헬로
그땐 나를 버려
차갑게 널 버렸던 벌로, 벌로

후련하게 니가 날 비웃겠지
oh let go, let go, let go
이런 나를 놓고 그녀를 만나

나를 놔


get out and let go

ijeneun nuneul dollyeobwa
naega jogeum jichyeogajanha
so let go, let me go, ja ije geuman nareul nohajwo

ireon mal kkeonaegien neomu
romaentikhan ohu
neon naekkeo naekkeo oechideon naneun
oraejeon jugeonnabwa

saenggageun nagetji
kkumeul kkudeut kkeullyeosseotdeon neoyeotji
bulkkoccheoreom jjarbatdeon mello, mello
neoman baraboneun
geunyeol chaja tteona ga hello hello

ireon naega neomu neomu mipgetji
oh let go, let go, let go
ijen nareul noko geunyeoreul manna
nareul nwa

gieokdo najil anchanha
eoje uri mwol haenneunjido
so let go, let me go, yeogikkajiga dain geot gata

jogeum deo gidarigin neomu
ttabunhan i ohu
summakhil, makhil deowi gateun neoreul
beoseonago sipeo nan


janinhalsurok neowa nareul wihaneun geo
miryeoneul ango maemdolge mandeulgin sirheo

geureol su itgetji
chwihan bame jeonhwal geon nae moksori
dwieongkin hyeo kkeuteuro hello, hello
geuttaen nareul beoryeo
chagapge neol beoryeotdeon beollo, beollo

huryeonhage niga nal biutgetji
oh let go, let go, let go
ireon nareul noko geunyeoreul manna

nareul nwa


Get out and let go

Now turn your eyes away
I am getting a bit tired
So let go, let me go
Now just let me go

But this afternoon is too romantic to say these words
I used to shout out “you’re mine, you’re mine”
But I guess that me died a long time ago

* I’ll probably think of you
I used to be attracted to you as if I was dreaming
It was a melo, melodrama, as short as fireworks
Go and find a girl who’ll only look at you – hello hello

Funny, isn’t it?
You’ll probably hate me so much for being like this
Oh let go, let go, let go
Now let me go and meet her
Let me go

I don’t even remember
What we did yesterday
So let go, let me go
I think this is it

This afternoon is too boring to wait a little more
You are like a suffocating heat
I want to escape it

* Repeat

The crueller I am, the better it is for you and me
Because I don’t want you to be hung up on me

This might happen
I might call you at night drunkenly
With a slurred tongue, I might say hello hello
Then just throw me away
As punishment for throwing you away so coldly

You’ll probably laugh
You’ll laugh at me, feeling gratified
Oh let go, let go, let go
Let me go and meet her

Let me go

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