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Tiffany Hwang (Girls' Generation) - One Step


말해줘 꿈 같은 사랑을
너도 느끼고 있잖아
알아 말할 수 없었던
수 많은 이유를

괜찮아 처음 느낀 사랑은
서로 쉽지 않다는 걸
우리 함께 헤쳐나갈
소중한 나날들

다시 바라볼 수 있어서
실없이 웃음이 자꾸 새어나와
많이 기다려 왔었잖아
그래왔던거야 너와 나 우리는

고마워 잃었던 미소와
너무 무뎌진 가슴을
다시 벅차오를 수 있게 해준
너의 따뜻한 미소가 지쳐 쓰러질때 널

다시 안아줄 수 있어서
실없이 눈물이 자꾸 흘러내려
많이 외로웠었던거야
같이 걷길 바래 우리 한걸음 한걸음씩

이젠 함께할 수 있어서
실없이 눈물이 자꾸 흘러내려
많이 바래왔던거잖아
그래왔던거야 함께해 영원히

Tell me of a love that’s like a dream
You’re feeling it too
I know you had many reasons why you couldn’t say

It’s alright, love that’s felt for the first time
Won’t be easy for both of us
But they are precious days that we will go through together

Because I can see you again
Laughter keeps seeping out
We waited for such a long time
We did, you and I

Thank you for helping me find my lost smile
And making my dull heart feel overwhelmed again with your warm smile
When I am tired and falling down

Because I can hold you again
Tears keep falling down
I was very lonely but I hope we can walk together
Step by step

Now that we can be together
Tears keep falling down
This was what we really wanted
We did – let’s be together forever

malhaejwo kkum gateun sarangeul
neodo neukkigo itjanha
ara malhal su eobseotdeon
su manheun iyureul

gwaenchanha cheoeum neukkin sarangeun
seoro swipji antaneun geor
uri hamkke hechyeonagar
sojunghan nanaldeul

dasi barabol su isseoseo
sireobsi useumi jakku saeeonawa
manhi gidaryeo wasseotjanha
geuraewatdeongeoya neowa na urineun

gomawo irheotdeon misowa
neomu mudyeojin gaseumeul
dasi beokchaoreul su itge haejun
neoui ttatteutan misoga jichyeo sseureojilttae neol

dasi anajul su isseoseo
sireobsi nunmuri jakku heulleonaeryeo
manhi oerowosseotdeongeoya
gachi geotgil barae uri hangeoreum hangeoreumssik

ijen hamkkehal su isseoseo
sireobsi nunmuri jakku heulleonaeryeo
manhi baraewatdeongeojanha
geuraewatdeongeoya hamkkehae yeongwonhi

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