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EXCITE - Come Back To Me


습관처럼 불렀던 너의 이름이 (너의 이름이)
내게서 점점 멀어지던 그 순간에
다른 사람의 향기로 널 지워 버리려했어
(바쁜 일상에 묻혀 지낸 나날들)
아픔 따윈 없을 꺼라고 난 믿었어

(아무런 걱정없이)
당연히 니 곁엔 내가 있을 꺼라고
(널 보낸 후에야)
덩그러니 남겨진 내 자신이 미웠어

눈을 감아도 니가 보여
눈을 감아도 니가 있어
왼쪽 가슴에도 내 머릿속에도
내 맘도 자꾸 너만을 찾는데
너만 있으면 되 너 하나면 되
돌아오기만 하면 되
너만 있으면 되 너 하나면 되 난
기다릴께 여기서
Baby I’ll be waiting for you

24/7 니가 없는 하루 나 매번
그대 하나만 그리다 뜬 눈으로
또 이 밤을 꼴딱 새고
이제와 왜 이럴까
그때는 왜 몰랐을까
니가 없이 돌아가는 하루가
이토록 힘들어 시들어만 가 난
머리엔 온통 너로 가득한데
내 맘은 너 하나 빠지고 나니
그저 텅 비었는데
내가 더 잘할게 넌 제자리로 돌아오기만 하면 되
약속할게 넌 변함없이 나만 바라만 보면되 Come on

비워둘게 니 빈자리
니가 오는 그 날까지
기다릴께 나 여기서

Your name that I called like a habit (your name)
The moment you got farther away from me
I was going to erase you with a different person’s scent
(Burying the past with my busy schedule)
I believed that there would be no pain

(Without any feelings)
I thought I would always be by your side
(After I let you go)
I hated myself for being left alone

I close my eyes but I see you
I close my eyes but you’re there
In the left side of my heart, in my head
My heart keeps looking for you
I just need you to be there, I just need you
You just need to come back
I just need you to be there, I just need you
I’ll wait for you here
Baby I’ll be waiting for you

24/7, a day without you
I always draw you out with opened eyes
As I stay up all night once again
Why am I doing this now?
Why didn’t I know this back then?
A day without you is so hard, I’m withering
My head is filled with you
But only you are missing from my heart
So it is empty
I’ll be better so you just need to come back to your place
I’ll promise you, you just need to look at me without change, come on

I’ll leave your spot empty
Until the day you come
I’ll wait for you right here

seupgwancheoreom bulleotdeon neoui ireumi (neoui ireumi)
naegeseo jeomjeom meoreojideon geu sungane
dareun saramui hyanggiro neol jiwo beoriryeohaesseo
(bappeun ilsange mutyeo jinaen nanaldeul)
apeum ttawin eobseul kkeorago nan mideosseo

(amureon geokjeongeobsi)
dangyeonhi ni gyeoten naega isseul kkeorago
(neol bonaen hueya)
deonggeureoni namgyeojin nae jasini miwosseo

nuneul gamado niga boyeo
nuneul gamado niga isseo
oenjjok gaseumedo nae meorissogedo
nae mamdo jakku neomaneul chatneunde
neoman isseumyeon doe neo hanamyeon doe
doraogiman hamyeon doe
neoman isseumyeon doe neo hanamyeon doe nan
gidarilkke yeogiseo
Baby I’ll be waiting for you

24/7 niga eomneun haru na maebeon
geudae hanaman geurida tteun nuneuro
tto i bameul kkolttak saego
ijewa wae ireolkka
geuttaeneun wae mollasseulkka
niga eobsi doraganeun haruga
itorok himdeureo sideureoman ga nan
meorien ontong neoro gadeukhande
nae mameun neo hana ppajigo nani
geujeo teong bieonneunde
naega deo jalhalge neon jejariro doraogiman hamyeon doe
yaksokhalge neon byeonhameobsi naman baraman bomyeondoe Come on

biwodulge ni binjari
niga oneun geu nalkkaji
gidarilkke na yeogiseo

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