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SUPER JUNIOR-D&E - Breaking Up


**I guess we’re Breaking Up, Breaking Up, Breaking Up
Just so we can Make it up, Make it up, Make it up, Make it up

Woo Woo Baby
오늘은 뭔가 달라
모처럼 만난 우리
넌 평소보다 너무 예뻐

Woo Baby
참 날씨가 좋아 기뻐
웃는 얼굴 보고 싶어
왜 화장 번져 버린 거야

(쇼윈도에 네 표정이 비쳐) 한 번쯤 보았던 그 이별 표정인 걸 알아
(봄바람이 네 목소릴 삼켜) Baby 지금은 안돼

*오늘은 떠나가지 마 그래 눈물 섞인 안녕은 Tomorrow
사랑을 두고 가지 마 그래 네가 없는 세상은 Tomorrow


여전히 아름답게 붙은 그림자
아무리 밀어내도 나는 네 남자
태양이 저물기도 전이야
손을 놓긴 이른 편이야 Uh

너를 모른 척 모른 척 모른 척해
입술 깨물고 나를 보는 너의 눈을 피해
Uh 그런 눈빛은 싫어

(손가락에 넌 반지가 없어) 내 맘을 잡았던 그 손이 나를 놓고 있어
(미소 속에 더 의미가 없어) Baby 떠나면 안 돼



제발 시간아 오늘에 넌 멈춰줘 꼭
난 아직까지 준비 안됐어 난 내일이면 보낼 수 있어
Oh 제발 하늘아 눈을 감지 말아줘 꼭
난 아직까지 준비 안됐어 난 지금은 널 보낼 수 없어

한 마디 쉽지 않잖아 그래 입을 막고 슬픔은 Tomorrow
하루는 미룰 수 있어 그래 내 손잡고 아픔은 Tomorrow



Woo Woo Baby


**I guess we’re Breaking Up, Breaking Up Breaking Up
Just so we can Make it up, Make it up, Make it up, Make it up

Woo Woo Baby
oneureun mwonga dalla
mocheoreom mannan uri
neon pyeongsoboda neomu yeppeo

Woo Baby
cham nalssiga joha gippeo
usneun eolgul bogo sipeo
wae hwajang beonjyeo beorin geoya

(syowindoe ne pyojeongi bichyeo) han beonjjeum boassdeon geu ibyeol pyojeongin geol ara
(bombarami ne moksoril samkyeo) baby jigeumeun andwae

*oneureun tteonagaji ma geurae nunmul seokkin annyeongeun Tomorrow
sarangeul dugo gaji ma geurae nega eopsneun sesangeun Tomorrow


yeojeonhi areumdapge buteun geurimja
amuri mireonaedo naneun ne namja
taeyangi jeomulgido jeoniya
soneul nohgin ireun pyeoniya Uh

neoreul moreun cheok moreun cheok moreun cheok hae
ipsul kkaemulgo nareul boneun neoui nuneul pihae
Uh geureon nunbicceun silheo

(songarage neon banjiga eopseo) nae mameul jabassdeon geu soni nareul nohgo isseo
(miso soge deo uimiga eopseo) baby tteonamyeon an dwae



jebal sigana oneure neon meomchwojwo kkok
nan ajikkkaji junbi andwaesseo nan naeirimyeon bonael su isseo
Oh jebal haneura nuneul gamji marajwo kkok
nan ajikkkaji junbi andwaesseo nan jigeumeun neol bonael su eopseo

han madi swipji anhjanha geurae ibeul makgo seulpeumeun Tomorrow
haruneun mirul su isseo geurae nae sonjapgo apeumeun Tomorrow



Woo Woo Baby


I guess we’re Breaking Up, Breaking Up, Breaking Up
Just so we can Make it up, Make it up, Make it up, Make it up

Woo Woo Baby
Something’s different today
We met up as usual
But you look prettier today

Woo Baby
I’m happy because the weather’s so nice
I want to see your smiling face
Why did your makeup smudge?

(I saw your face reflected on the shop window)
I know it’s the face of a break up, I’ve seen it before
(The spring wind swallows up your voice)
Baby, not now

Don’t leave me today
Let’s say the tearful goodbyes tomorrow
Don’t leave love behind
Let’s leave the world without you for tomorrow

Even your shadow sticks to you beautifully
No matter how much you push me away, I’m your man
It’s right before the sunset
It’s too early to let go of my hand

I’ll pretend I don’t know
I’ll avoid your eyes, as you bite your lip
I don’t like that look

(You didn’t put on your ring today)
The hand that captured my heart is now letting go of me
(There’s no more meaning in that smile)
Baby, don’t leave

Time, please stop for today
I’m still not ready yet
I can let her go tomorrow
Sky, please don’t close your eyes
I’m still not ready yet
I can’t let you go right now

Those words aren’t easy
So don’t open your mouth and leave sadness for tomorrow
You can push it back a day
So hold my hand and leave the pain for tomorrow

Woo Woo Baby

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