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IU - Sogyeokdong (소격동)

나 그대와 둘이 걷던 그 좁은 골목계단을 홀로 걸어요 
그 옛날의 짙은 향기가 내 옆을 스치죠
널 떠나는 날 사실 난..
등 밑 처마 고드름과 참새소리 예쁜 이 마을에 살 거예요
소격동을 기억하나요 지금도 그대로 있죠
아주 늦은 밤 하얀 눈이 왔었죠 
소복이 쌓이니 내 맘도 설렜죠
나는 그날 밤 단 한숨도 못 잤죠 
잠들면 안돼요 
눈을 뜨면 사라지죠
어느 날 갑자기 그 많던 냇물이 말라갔죠
내 어린 마음도 그 시냇물처럼 그렇게 말랐겠죠
너의 모든걸 두 눈에 담고 있었죠
소소한 하루가 넉넉했던 날
그러던 어느 날 세상이 뒤집혔죠 다들 꼭 잡아요 
잠깐 사이에 사라지죠
잊고 싶진 않아요 하지만 나에겐
사진 한 장도 남아있지가 않죠
그저 되뇌면서 되뇌면서
나 그저 애를 쓸 뿐이죠
na geu deh wa 
dool ee guht done
geu jo beun gol mok geh da neul 
hol lo girl uh yo
geu yet nal eh 
ji teun hyang gi ga
neh yuh peul seu chi jo 
nuhl ttuh na neun nal 
sa sil nan
deung mit chuh ma 
go deu reum gwa 
cham seh so ri yeh ppeun
ee ma eul eh sal guh eh yo
so gyuhk dong eul 
gi uh ka na yo
ji geum do geu deh ro it jo 
ah joo neu jeun bam 
ha yan noon ee wa ssuht jo
so bok hee ssa ee nee neh mam do suhl let jo 
na neun geu nal bam 
dan han soom do mot jat jo
jam dle myeon ahn dwe yo
noo neul tteu myeon 
sa ra ji jo
uh neu nal gap ja gi 
geu man tone net mool ee
mal la gat jo
neh uh rin ma eum do 
geu si net mool chuh ruhm
geu ruh keh mal lat get jo
nuh eh mo deun girl doo noo neh dam go ee ssuht jo
so so han ha roo ga 
nuhk nuh ket done nal
geu ruh done uh neu nal 
seh sang ee dwi ji pyuht jo
da dle kkok ja ba yo
jam kkan sa ee eh 
sa ra ji jo
it go sip jin ah na yo
ha ji man na eh geh
sa jin han jang do 
na ma it ji ga ahn cho 
geu juh dwe nwe ee myeon suh 
dwe nwe ee myeon suh
na geu juh eh reul sseul ppu ni jo 
ah joo neu jen bam 
ha yan noon nee wa ssuht jo
so bok hee ssa ee nee 
neh mam do suhl let jo
na neun geu nal bam 
dn han soom do mot jat jo
jam dle myeon ahn dwe yo
noo neul tteu meyon 
sa ra ji jo
Strolling lonesomely down the narrow alley stairway 
that you and I used to stroll down together,
the deep fragrance of the past brushes past me.


The day you went away, actually I…
Lights, icicles hanging on the eaves and the sound of sparrows
I want to stay in this beautiful village.
Do you remember Sogyeokdong? 
It still remains the same today.


White flurries of snow late at night.
As the layers of white pile up, my heart flutters with anticipation.
I didn’t get a wink of sleep that night.
I couldn’t fall asleep, thinking that if I opened my eyes again,
all this would vanish before me.
One day, when the stream suddenly dried up,
my young heart died just like the water in the stream.
I remember everything about you.
Small moments in a day would make my day.
Then one day, my world turned upside down.
Cherish what you have now, for it could vanish in an instant.
I don’t want to forget about this, but I don’t even have a single photo left.
I just keep telling myself that I’ve done all I could.
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