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K.Will - Back In Time (시간은 거꾸로 흐른다)


시간을 타고 계절을 건너
몇 년을 와도 그 날이고

내일이 와도 어제를 살아
시간이 거꾸로만 흘러가서

여전히 눈을 감으면
난 다시 그때로 되돌아 가

여기는 너와 나 헤어지던 곳
저 멀리 돌아서있는 널 불러본다 불러본다
난 너를 강하게 밀치고 있고
넌 내게 안된다 울며 날 붙잡는다 보내지마
조금만 더 조금만 더 날 붙잡으란 말야

얼마만일까 어디쯤일까
저 멀리 손 흔드는 니가 보여

어서 날 따라오라는
니 손에 이끌려 걷다 보면

오늘은 너와 나 사랑하던 날
왜 이제 왔냐며 넌 내게 안겨온다 안겨 운다
하늘빛 녹은 내 어깨에 기대
속삭이듯 니가 말한다 사랑한다 사랑한다

돌아보면 어제 같은 날들 난 뒤만 보며 살아
시간은 더 뒤로 흘러 흘러 흘러

어느새 너와 나 처음 만난 날
저 멀리 수줍게 웃는 널 불러본다 눈물이 나
그 날이 시작인 줄도 모르고
우리는 그렇게 서로를 알아봤구나 사랑했구나

이제 다시 눈을 뜨면 이렇게 눈물이 나

Time goes past the seasons
Into a few years ahead but it’s still that day

Tomorrow comes but I live yesterday
Because time keeps going backwards

When I close my eyes
I still go back to those times

This is the place you and I broke up
I’m calling out to you, who has turned around and is far away
I’m strongly pushing through to you
And you say no as you cry
But I’m holding onto you, don’t let go of her
A little more, a little more, hold onto me a little more

How long has it been? Where are you?
I see you waving your hand from far away

You gesture for me to hurry and follow you
Then I go toward you and walk

Today is the day you and I fell in love
You’re asking why I came now as you fall into my arms and cry
You’re leaning on my shoulders melted with the sky light
You tell me with a whisper, I love you, I love you

When I look back, it seems like only yesterday
I live only looking backwards
Time goes backwards more and more

Suddenly, it’s the day you and I first met
I’m calling out to you, who is shyly smiling from far away, tears come
I didn’t even know that day was the start
So that’s how we noticed each other, that’s how we were in love

Now when I open my eyes again
Tears fall

siganeul tago gyejeoleul geonneo
myeoc nyeoneul wado geu naligo

naeili wado eojereul sala
sigani geogguroman heulreogaseo

yeojeonhi nuneul gameumyeon
nan dasi geuddaero doedola ga

yeogineun neowa na heeojideon gos
jeo meolri dolaseoissneun neol bulreobonda bulreobonda
nan neoreul ganghage milchigo issgo
neon naege andoenda ulmyeo nal butjabneunda bonaejima
jogeumman deo jogeumman deo nal butjabeuran malya

eolmamanilgga eodijjeumilgga
jeo meolri son heundeuneun niga boyeo

eoseo nal ddaraoraneun
ni sone iggeulryeo geodda bomyeon

oneuleun neowa na saranghadeon nal
wae ije wassnyamyeo neon naege angyeoonda angyeo unda
haneulbic nogeun nae eoggaee gidae
sogsagideus niga malhanda saranghanda saranghanda

dolabomyeon eoje gateun naldeul nan dwiman bomyeo sala
siganeun deo dwiro heulreo heulreo heulreo

eoneusae neowa na cheoeum mannan nal
jeo meolri sujubge usneun neol bulreobonda nunmuli na
geu nali sijagin juldo moreugo
urineun geureohge seororeul alabwassguna saranghaessguna

ije dasi nuneul ddeumyeon ireohge nunmuli na

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