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A.Cian - Up & Down


그만 좀 하자고 우린 끝이라고 너무 잔인하게 헤어지자 말해 또
이유가 뭐냐고 네게 물어봐도 아무 대답없이 눈물만 흘리는 너

정말 헤어질 줄 몰랐던 난 혼미해 왜 네가 날 떠나?
전부 맞춰줬잖아 아껴줬잖아 이러지마 옛 정이 있잖아

돌아와 내게로 come again
너 없이 난 안돼 stay with me
너만 기다리다 미쳐가

* 매일 up and down up and down
그대여 제발 다시 오길 바래
up and down up and down
그대없인 하루도 난 없는데

** 그대여 내게로 다시 와 줄래
don’t let me say good bye
don’t let me say good bye

until the day when I die 오직 널 바라볼게
so I just pray 네가 오는 날을 기도할게
cause you’re my only one
I love you come back to me
so please hold on tight 꽉 붙잡아

* Repeat

** Repeat

난 부족하단 걸 알지만
난 자격이 없단 걸 너무 잘 알지만
기다릴게 네가 돌아오는 그 날을

* Repeat

** Repeat


geuman jom hajago urin kkeuchirago neomu janinhage heeojija malhae tto
iyuga mwonyago nege mureobwado amu daedabeobsi nunmulman heullineun neo

jeongmal heeojil jul mollatdeon nan honmihae wae nega nal tteona?
jeonbu matchwojwotjanha akkyeojwotjanha ireojima yet jeongi itjanha

dorawa naegero come again
neo eobsi nan andwae stay with me
neoman gidarida michyeoga

* maeil up and down up and down
geudaeyeo jebal dasi ogil barae
up and down up and down
geudaeeobsin harudo nan eomneunde

** geudaeyeo naegero dasi wa jullae
don’t let me say good bye
don’t let me say good bye

until the day when I die ojik neol barabolge
so I just pray nega oneun nareul gidohalge
cause you’re my only one
I love you come back to me
so please hold on tight kkwak butjaba

* Repeat

** Repeat

nan bujokhadan geol aljiman
nan jagyeogi eopdan geol neomu jal aljiman
gidarilge nega doraoneun geu nareul

* Repeat

** Repeat


Please let’s stop, it’s over for us, you say as you cruelly break up
I ask you for the reason but you say nothing but shed tears

I really didn’t know we would break up
I’m confused, why are you leaving me?
I fit everything to you, I cared for you
Don’t do this, we have history

Come back to me, come again
I can’t go on without you, stay with me
I’m going crazy waiting for you

Every day, up and down, up and down
My love, please come back to me
Up and down, up and down
I can’t last a single day without you

My love, please come back to me
Don’t let me say good bye
Don’t let me say good bye

Until the day when I die, I will only look at you
So I just pray, I’ll pray for the day you come back
Cause you’re my only one
I love you come back to me
So please hold on tight, hold on tight

I know I lack a lot
I know I’m not worthy
I’ll wait for you to come back

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