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Park Boram (박보람) - Before After


오후 두시 나를 위한 sunday
추리닝에 새까만 뿔테 안경 (who Knows)
매일 걱정해 다이어트 고민 (oh oh)
하지만 어느새 피자는 배달중

한쪽 두쪽 먹다가 갑작스런 네 전화
지금 뭐하냐는 질문에
자연스럽게 뻔뻔스럽게
말을해 지금 책 읽어

나만 아는 이야기 남자들은 모르지
짙은 화장 속에 숨어 밝게 웃어 네 맘을 훔쳐
예뻐보이고 싶어 for you 사랑받고 싶은 나인걸
네 앞에선 모르는척 감춰둘래 Before After

oh before 비밀스런 이야기
oh before 나를 감추고 싶어
hey after 너를 위한 내 모습
darling my darling love me

그대와 설레는 공원 산책
높은 하이힐이 불편하긴해
처음 두 손 잡고 걷는 기분 (ha~)
두근대는 내 맘 들킬까 두려워

집에 가는 골목길
헤어지긴 싫은데
안녕 좋은 꿈꾸란 네 말
내일 또 볼까 묻고 싶지만
오늘은 좀 더 참을래

도도한 척 새침한 척 모르는 척
여자들만 아는 secret fantasy
알 수 없다 해도 좀 더 다가올래
사랑한다 말해줄래

It’s 2PM on a Sunday that’s meant for me
Sweat pants and black rimmed glasses (who knows)
I’m worried about dieting everyday (oh oh)
But now I’m waiting for the pizza to come

I was eating one slice, two slices then I got a call from you
You asked me what I was doing
Then I naturally and shamelessly said
I’m reading a book right now

A story only I know, guys don’t know
I hide behind thick makeup, smile brightly and steal your heart
I want to look pretty for you, I want to be loved
I want to pretend I don’t know, I want to hide, before after

Oh before, a secret story
Oh before, I want to hide myself
Hey after, myself for you
darling my darling love me

I’m walking through the park with you
The high heels are uncomfortable
The feeling of holding your hands for the first time
I’m afraid my pounding heart will get caught

On our way home
I don’t wanna say goodbye
You said bye, sweet dreams
I wanna ask if we’re gonna see each other tomorrow
But I want to hold it in today

Pretending to be chic, pretending to prim, pretending not to know
It’s a secret fantasy that only girls know
Even if you can’t figure me out, will you come closer?
Will you tell me you love me?

ohu dusi nareul wihan sunday
churininge saeggaman bbulte angyeong (who Knows)
maeil geogjeonghae daieoteu gomin (oh oh)
hajiman eoneusae pijaneun baedaljung

hanjjog dujjog meogdaga gabjagseureon ne jeonhwa
jigeum mweohanyaneun jilmune
jayeonseureobge bbeonbbeonseureobge
maleulhae jigeum chaeg ilgeo

naman aneun iyagi namjadeuleun moreuji
jiteun hwajang soge sumeo balgge useo ne mameul humchyeo
yebbeoboigo sipeo for you sarangbadgo sipeun naingeol
ne apeseon moreuneuncheog gamchweodulrae Before After

oh before bimilseureon iyagi
oh before nareul gamchugo sipeo
hey after neoreul wihan nae moseub
darling my darling love me

geudaewa seolreneun gongweon sanchaeg
nopeun haihili bulpyeonhaginhae
cheoeum du son jabgo geodneun gibun (ha~)
dugeundaeneun nae mam deulkilgga duryeoweo

jibe ganeun golmoggil
heeojigin silheunde
annyeong joheun ggumgguran ne mal
naeil ddo bolgga mudgo sipjiman
oneuleun jom deo chameulrae

dodohan cheog saechimhan cheog moreuneun cheog
yeojadeulman aneun secret fantasy
al su eobsda haedo jom deo dagaolrae
saranghanda malhaejulrae

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