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Park Boram (박보람) - Lonely Night


해질 무렵 그대 기억들이 나를 감싸면
나도 몰래 눈물이 나요
늘 둘이서 함께 걸었던 한강 앞 벤치에
홀로 앉아 또 울었어요

스치는 바람속에 들릴듯한 네 목소리
날 웃게 했던 단 한 사람

네가 너무 그리운 밤 lonely night
매번 너를 향한 사랑이
상처로 남아 후회가 되도
다시 네가 그리운 밤 lonely night
하루만 더 하루만 더 I’m missing you

냉정하게 돌아서는 널 붙잡지 못했던
바보같은 내가 미워요
늘 둘이서 함께 웃었던 홍대 놀이터에
홀로 앉아 또 울었어요

스치는 사람중에 보일듯한 네 뒷모습
날 웃게 했던 단 한사람

또르르 눈물이 자꾸 흘러와
내 안에 또르르 네가 한걸음 다가와
잡힐듯해도 다시 멀어지는 너
날 살게 했던 단 한사람


haejil muryeob geudae gieogdeuli nareul gamssamyeon
nado molrae nunmuli nayo
neul duliseo hamgge geoleossdeon hangang ap benchie
holro anja ddo uleosseoyo

seuchineun baramsoge deulrildeushan ne mogsori
nal usge haessdeon dan han saram

nega neomu geuriun bam lonely night
maebeon neoreul hyanghan sarangi
sangcheoro nama huhoega doedo
dasi nega geuriun bam lonely night
haruman deo haruman deo I’m missing you

naengjeonghage dolaseoneun neol butjabji moshaessdeon
babogateun naega miweoyo
neul duliseo hamgge useossdeon hongdae noliteoe
holro anja ddo uleosseoyo

seuchineun saramjunge boildeushan ne dwismoseub
nal usge haessdeon dan hansaram

ddoreureu nunmuli jaggu heulreowa
nae ane ddoreureu nega hangeoleum dagawa
jabhildeushaedo dasi meoleojineun neo
nal salge haessdeon dan hansaram


When the sun is about to set, when your memories wrap around me
Without knowing, tears fall
I sat alone and cried on the bench in front of the Han River
Where we used to walk together

I can almost hear your voice in the wind
The one person who made me laugh

I miss you so much tonight, lonely night
My love for you remain as scars and regrets
But I miss you again tonight, lonely night
Just one more day, just one more day, I’m missing you

When you coldly turned around, I couldn’t hold onto you
I hated myself for being so foolish
I sat alone and cried at the Hongdae playground
Where we used to laugh and hang out

I can almost see you among the passing people
The one person who made me laugh

Tears keep falling
You’re coming closer step by step inside of me
It feels like I can catch you but you’re getting farther away again
The one person who made me live

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