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Jay Park - On It (feat. DJ Wegun)



I’m a history changer wings of an angel jesus on his manger
hate that i’m winning looking miserable ain’t yah?
y’all in lyrical danger spittin’ heavy when i’m on the mic
electrifying like Benjamin Franklin with a kite
i do this for my ppl so they can eat too
Korean, English and i talk money so i’m trilingual
and yes i know that I am chosen though i don’t speak hebrew
what i have common with Martin Luther is that i’m a KING too
guess i’m an architect the way I’ve built my career from the bottom up
bet you wish that you could be a part of it
honest men not a lot of them but plenty snakes in the grass
but i’m protected like a broken leg in a cast
plenty cake to be had everyday’s a celebration
time is precious, never waste it
life thus far has been amazing
so i’m thankful when i’m praying no backboard but i am banking
i will blow through all my foes who hate i’m Goku super saiyan

i don’t rap i just go and state the facts
my methods ( Meth heads) blew (blue) y’all away you can call me BREAKING BAD
fuck u and ur basic raps, you should go and take it back
some of y’all just trying to hard, you should try to stay relaxed
no lie
i’m the muhfuckin truth so sick every meal i eat chicken noodle soup
your girl’s waist I put my arms around like a hoola hoop
shooby doop I’ll sing my way inside her pants right to her coochie cooch
i flew the coop don’t shoot or hoop but spit it like a beast though
your girl be cute I toot and boot and serve her like a bistro
yeah i’m young wild and free
every encounter i’m making sure they remember me
from juice box to juke box and joke tellers say who knocks and i’m fly and you flew not
from boom bap to boom bop and who’s hot your crew nah…Dwayne Johnson i do ROCK
I smack down these bars onto these tracks yeah and its TOO RAW and i’m GONE


SEATTLE 2 SEOUL i control my SOUL so they troll
cause i don’t be fitting every bodies typical mold
i spit lyrical gold got a spiritual flow here on this coast?
i’m the 1LLEST here man..let it be known
don’t put in work on the streets I put in work for my PEEPS
K.O these rappers mayn they seeing stars counting the SHEEP
I’ll call your written’s “seven days” cause your raps are ALL WEEK
surprised to see a kid from “K-PoP” spit like a BEAST
feel the adrenaline know I be killing em raps i be spitting em’ ppl be feeling ’em
put the beat to rest the verdict is that i be GUILTY LIKE ZIMMERMAN
drinks i be drinking ’em thoughts i be thinking them not gonna rest till i’m making these MILLIONS want a girls with a FAT A$..MEXICAN, BLACK, OR BRAZILIAN
My minds is brilliant i am resilient I do the maximum you do the minimum
probably why we are planets apart…you can call me FALCON MILLENNIUM
young JACKIE Chan when i STUNT
don’t hate bitch u know i’m DOPE…DON’T FRONT

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