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INFINITE - 60 Seconds (60초 (INFINITE Ver.))


종종 걸어오다 멈춰 두리번대다가
너와 마주친 시선
황급히 고개를 돌려 발 끝만 보다가
천천히 올려봐
커지는 눈 조금씩 벌어지는 입술
내 심장이 귓가를 울려


60초면 충분한 story
내 맘으로 넌 들어왔어
난 의심치 않아
날 가져간걸 짧지 않은 time
넌 그런 사람 내겐 충분한 story
이유 따위 난 필요 없어
날 설레게 했고 널 찾게 했어
처음의 그 time

너의 목소리가 끊겨 천천히 차올라
흘러 넘치는 눈물
가슴으로 너를 안고 한참을 있다가
서서히 떼어내
멍한 눈빛 할 말을 잃은 내 두 입술
니 한숨에 심장이 멈춰

60초로 충분한 story
내 삶에서 넌 사라졌어
널 잡지 않았어
니 맘을 본걸 짧지 않은 time
넌 그런 사람 네겐 충분한 story
선명하게 넌 전해졌어
넌 아프다 했고 난 보내줬어
마지막 그 time

일분도 채 안돼 60초 안에
내 가슴 안에 자리잡아
매일 널 꿈꾸게 했는데
왜 이제 넌 어제일 뿐인 건지

되감아 본다 행복한 네 모습에서 정지
덩달아 웃게 된다 사랑 이런 건지
조금은 느껴졌지
감정에 어설프던 내겐 영원해
너와 함께 한 시간

60초면 충분한 story
뜨겁고도 또 차가운 time
다 니가 주었어 두 개의 기억
짧지 않은 time
넌 그런 사람 내겐 충분한 story
칼날의 양날 같은 기억
난 울 수도 없고 웃지도 못해
간직해온 time


jongjong georeo-oda meomchwo duribeondaedaga 
neowa majuchin siseon
hwanggeubhi gogaereul dollyeo bal ggeutman bodaga 
cheoncheonhi ollyeobwa
keojineun nun jogeumssik beoreojineun ibsul
nae simjangi gwitgareul ullyeo


yuksibchomyeon chungbunhan story
nae mameuro neon deureowasseo
nan uisimchi anha 
nal gajyeogangeol jjalbji anheun time 
neon geureon saram naegen chungbunhan story
iyu ddawi nan pillyo eobseo
nal seollege haetgo neol chatge haesseo 
cheoeumui geu time

neoui moksoriga ggeunhgyeo cheoncheonhi chaolla 
heulleo neomchineun nunmul
gaseumeuro neoreul ango hanchameul itdaga 
seoseohi dde-eonae
meonghan nunbit hal mareul irheun nae du ibsul
ni hansume simjangi meomchwo

yuksibchoro chungbunhan story
nae salmeseo neon sarajyeosseo
neol jabji anhasseo 
ni mameul bongeol jjalbji anheun time
neon geureon saram negen chungbunhan story
seonmyeonghage neon jeonhaejyeosseo
neon apeuda haetgo nan bonaejwosseo 
majimak geu time

ilbundo chae andwae yuksibcho ane 
nae gaseum ane jarijaba
maeil neol ggumkkuge haetneunde 
wae ije neon eojeil ppunin geonji

dwegama bonda haengbokhan ne moseubeseo jeongji
deongdara utge dwenda sarang ireon geonji 
jogeumeun neukkyeojyeotji
gamjeonge eoseolpeudeon naegen yeongwonhae 
neowa hamkke han sigan

yuksibchomyeon chungbunhan story 
ddeugeobgodo ddo chagaun time 
da niga jueosseo du gaeui gieok 
jjalbji anheun time
neon geureon saram naegen chungbunhan story
kallarui yangnal gateun gieok
nan ul sudo eobtgo utjido mothae 
ganjikhaeon time


I kept walking when I stopped and looked around,
then I met eyes with you
I quickly turned my head and stared at my feet,
then I slowly looked up
My eyes widen, my lips slowly part
My heart is ringing in my ears


60 seconds is enough for this story,
you have entered my heart
I don’t doubt that you have
taken me in this not-so-short time
That’s the kind of person you are, a story that’s enough for me
I don’t need a reason
You made my heart flutter and you made me find you,
that first time

Your voice gets choppy and the tears
slowly rise and overflow
I hug you in my arms for a while
and slowly let you go
My eyes go blank and my lips lost all words
My heart stops at the sound of your sighs

60 seconds is enough for this story,
you have disappeared from my life
I didn’t hold onto you,
I saw your heart in this not-so-short time
That’s the kind of person you are, a story that’s enough for me
You’re message has been clearly told
You said you were hurting and I let you go,
that last time

Not even after a minute, just in 60 seconds,
you settle into my heart
You made me dream of you every day,
but why is it a story of yesterday for you?

I rewind and stop at your happy image
I smile as well, is this what love is?
I felt it a little
I was once lacking in emotion but the times
with you will last forever

60 seconds is enough for this story,
it was a hot and cold time
Both are memories that you gave to me,
a not-so-short time
That’s the kind of person you are, a story that’s enough for me
A memory that’s like both sides of a sword
I can’t cry but I can’t smile,
that cherished time

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