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Park Boram (박보람) - Please say something, even though it is a lie (거짓말이라도 해줘요)


이런 게 사랑인 건가요
그대란 사람 내게
두근거리게 한 줄도 모르고
그저 감기에 걸려 이렇게 열이 나고
아파서 밤새 뒤척인 줄 알았죠

나 그대가 옮긴 사랑 때문에
잠 못 들고 있죠 어떡하죠

거짓말이라도 해줘요
그대도 나를 사랑한다고
심장이 뛰는 게 이러다 큰일 나죠
어떻게든 해주세요

나 그대가 없는 하루 때문에
몰래 울고 있죠 어떡하죠

거짓말이라도 해줘요
조금만 기다리면 된다고
오늘이 지나고 내일이면 내 곁에
다시 돌아와 준다고

우리 같은 곳을 보면서
믿지 못 할 사랑을 해봐요

이대로 내 곁에 있어요
그대도 나 없으면 안되죠
잠시 멀어져도 한발 더 멀어져도
우리는 만날 수밖에

그대는 또 다른 나라서


ireon ge sarangin geongayo
geudaeran saram naege
dugeungeorige han juldo moreugo
geujeo gamgie geollyeo ireohge yeori nago
apaseo bamsae dwicheogin jul arassjyo

na geudaega olmgin sarang ttaemune
jam mot deulgo issjyo eotteokhajyo

geojismarirado haejwoyo
geudaedo nareul saranghandago
simjangi ttwineun ge ireoda keunil najyo
eotteohgedeun haejuseyo

na geudaega eopsneun haru ttaemune
mollae ulgo issjyo eotteokhajyo

geojismarirado haejwoyo
jogeumman gidarimyeon doendago
oneuri jinago naeirimyeon nae gyeote
dasi dorawa jundago

uri gateun goseul bomyeonseo
mitji mot hal sarangeul haebwayo

idaero nae gyeote isseoyo
geudaedo na eopseumyeon andoejyo
jamsi meoreojyeodo hanbal deo meoreojyeodo
urineun mannal subakke

geudaeneun tto dareun naraseo


Is this what love is?
I didn’t even know that
It was you who made my heart pound
I thought I had a fever because of a cold
I thought I tossed and turned all night because I was sick

Because of the love that you gave me
I can’t even fall asleep, what do I do?

Tell me, even if it’s a lie
That you love me too
My heart is racing too much
Something’s gonna happen
Please do something

Because of my days without you
I am secretly crying, what do I do?

Tell me, even if it’s a lie
That I just need to wait a little more
That when today passes and tomorrow comes
That you’ll come back to me

Let’s look at the same place
And have an unbelievable love

Stay by my side like this
You can’t go on without me either
Even if we’re apart for a moment
Even if we get one step farther away
We have no choice but to meet

Because you’re a different me

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