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Gain (Brown Eyed Girls) - Carnival (The Last Day)


너무 늦었나요
혹시 많이 기다렸나요
때론 내가 없는 밤이
깊고 길고 어두웠나요
그럼 늦은 저녁을 멈춰 천천히
내가 처음부터
없던 날로 떠나볼까요
나 걱정 안 할 수 있게

오늘 밤 카니발의 문이 열리면
그땐 정말 날 잊어
끝이란 놀라워요
어제와 같은 밤일 뿐인데
한밤의 카니발의
그 불빛보다 정말 뜨거웠던
나 거기 있었다는 걸
아름다웠다는 걸
내 안에 담고 불꽃처럼 사라져

하얀 밤이 있어
딴 세상에 온 것 같은 밤
그런 밤이 있어
내가 딴 사람이 된 것 같은 밤
제일 환한 불꽃이 되어 춤추다
마치 꿈인 듯이
흔적 없이 사라진다면
다 완벽할 것 같은데

나는 거기 있었고
충분히 아름다웠다
밤은 사라지고
우린 아름다웠어
이보다 완벽한 순간이
내게 또 올까

welcome to my carnival 열리면
난 그대를 떠나요
걱정 마 울지 마요
어제와 같은 밤일 뿐인데

welcome to marvelous day
꿈꾸던 그날 정말 기다렸던
나 처음부터 모든 건
그댈 위한 거란 걸
그 마음만 믿고
나를 잊고 살아요


neomu neujeossnayo
hoksi manhi gidaryeossnayo
ttaeron naega eopsneun bami
gipgo gilgo eoduwossnayo
geureom neujeun jeonyeogeul meomchwo cheoncheonhi
naega cheoeumbuteo
eopsdeon nallo tteonabolkkayo
na geokjeong an hal su issge

oneul bam kanibarui muni yeollimyeon
geuttaen jeongmal nal ijeo
kkeutiran nollawoyo
eojewa gateun bamil ppuninde
hanbamui kanibarui
geu bulbiccboda jeongmal tteugeowossdeon
na geogi isseossdaneun geol
areumdawossdaneun geol
nae ane damgo bulkkocccheoreom sarajyeo

hayan bami isseo
ttan sesange on geot gateun bam
geureon bami isseo
naega ttan sarami doen geot gateun bam
jeil hwanhan bulkkocci doeeo chumchuda
machi kkumin deusi
heunjeok eopsi sarajindamyeon
da wanbyeokhal geot gateunde

naneun geogi isseossgo
chungbunhi areumdawossda
bameun sarajigo
urin areumdawosseo
iboda wanbyeokhan sungani
naege tto olkka

welcome to my carnival yeollimyeon
nan geudaereul tteonayo
geokjeong ma ulji mayo
eojewa gateun bamil ppuninde

welcome to marvelous day
kkumkkudeon geunal jeongmal gidaryeossdeon
na cheoeumbuteo modeun geon
geudael wihan georan geol
geu maeumman mitgo
nareul ijgo sarayo


Is it too late?
Did you wait for a long time?
On nights I wasn’t there
Did it feel deep and long and dark?
Then let’s stop this late evening
And slowly go back to the day
When I wasn’t there at all
So I don’t have to worry

When the carnival doors open tonight
You have to really forget me
The end is always amazing
Though it’s the same night as yesterday
Carnival of the night
Hotter than the lights
I was there and it was beautiful
I’ll put it in me and disappear like fireworks

There’s a white night
A night that’s like a different world
There’s a night like that
A night when I became a different person
I became the brightest light and danced
Like it was a dream
If this all disappears
It would be even more perfect

I was there
It was beautiful enough
The night disappears
We were beautiful
Will a moment more perfect
Ever come to me?

Welcome to my carnival
When it opens
I will leave you
Don’t worry, don’t cry
It’s just the same night as yesterday

Welcome to marvelous day
The day I dreamed of, I waited for
From the start, everything was for you
Just believe in that
As you forget me

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