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1/1440 (feat. Ji Chanel) ko
After I’ve Wondered A Bit (조금만 더 방황하고) ko
And July (Feat. DEAN, DJ Friz) ko
Being Freezed (얼고 있어) ko
Buddy (feat. DAVII) ko
But, Are You? (괜찮냐고) ko
Can You See My Heart (내 맘을 볼수 있나요) ko
Daum (Feat. Colde) ko
Destiny Tells Me (운명이 내게 말해요) ko
Diary (일기) ko
Did You Come In A UFO? (UFO 타고 왔니?) (With Go Young Bae) ko
Didn’t Know Me (내가 더 나빠) ko
Dispatch (feat. Simon Dominic) ko
Don’t Know You (널 너무 모르고) ko
Don’t Make Money (돈 벌지마) (Feat. Chanyeol of EXO) ko
E.T ko
Falling Leaves are Beautiful (떨어지는 낙엽까지도) ko
First Sight (첫눈에) ko
Hitch Hiding (숨고 싶어요) (with Sunwoo JungA) ko
In the Time Spent With You (너와 함께한 시간 속에서) ko
Jenga (Feat. Gaeko) ko
Late Autumn (만추) (Feat. Crush) ko
Lyricist (작사가) ko
Me, Myself & I (Prod. by Verbal Jint (버벌진트) / Feat. Jessi (제시), Wheesung (휘성)) ko
Me, Myself & I (feat. Wheesung & Jessi) ko
Midnight (밤하늘의 저 별처럼) (With Punch) ko
No Reason (이유) ko
No Way ko
Round and round (Feat. Han Soo Ji (한수지)) ko
Round and round (Feat. Han Soo Ji) en
Run to You (오롯이) ko
She’s Fine ko
Shut Up & Groove (Feat. Dean) ko
So, It Ends? (그러니까) (Feat. Colde) ko
Star (Rain ver.) (저 별) ko
Star (저 별) ko
That’s All (다 그렇지 뭐) ko
Things Are Going Well (일이 너무 잘 돼) ko
Tree Only Look At You (너의 나무) (feat. Jooyoung) ko
Umbrella Calls for Rain (문득 그런 생각이 들어) (feat. nafla) ko
Underwater ko
We don’t talk together (Feat. Giriboy) ko
Wish You Well (잘 살길 바래) (with Davii) ko
Would Be Better (좋았을걸) ko
You, Clouds, Rain (비도 오고 그래서) (Feat. Shin Yong Jae) ko
Your name (너의 이름은) (feat. ASH ISLAND) ko
You’re Cold (더 많이 사랑한 쪽이 아프대) ko
knock sir ko
너의 마음을 내게 준다면 (Feat. Colde) ko
돌아오지마 (Feat. Yong Jun Hyung (용준형) of Beast (비스트)) ko
먹구름 (Feat. nafla) ko
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